Make a Liberal Basket!

Easter is April 16 this year, a time of year in which folks young and old assemble cute little baskets for their loved ones to find. The baskets are usually filled with chocolates, pastel-colored candies, dye-covered eggs, small toys, and other cute lil' trinkets.

But have you ever heard of a "liberal basket?"

A liberal basket is one you prepare for those who may be at something of a moral crossroads this year. It's for those who can't understand how a person can campaign on being the only one who can protect us but then wants a government that in part funded the September 11 terrorists to guard our shipping ports. It's for those who can't understand why either a glorified law clerk or a sexist bigot are the best people to nominate to the Supreme Court. It's for those who can't understand why there would even be a debate, let alone an intentional delay, on the signing of an anti-torture bill.

But mostly, it's for those who may feel our country is doomed beyond repair.

So run to your local discount or dollar store and pick up an empty basket and some blue tissue paper (any shade), and then fill the basket with the following books, albums, movies, and other goodies....

The Truth (with Jokes) by Al Franken - Al's latest examination of the Bush regime and the cronies and crookedness therein.

Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore - The most powerful, most thought-provoking film of 2004.

Not One More Mother's Child by Cindy Sheehan - A first-hand account of the costs of the Iraq war from the mother Bush outright refuses to meet with.

American Idiot Green Day - The group's masterpiece album rebelling against "the redneck agenda."

Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them CD by Al Franken - The Grammy-winning book on "tape" based on Al's hilarious "fair and balanced look at the right."

Will They Ever Trust Us Again? by Michael Moore - Letters from the troops serving overseas, and their families.

Bushisms 2006 calendar - Real quotes, real dumb.

Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth by Joe Conason - From the left's best and most accurate media surfer.

My Life CD by Bill Clinton - Our most recent elected president recounts his life in the Grammy-winning audio version of his impressive autobiography.

It's Still the Economy, Stupid: George W. Bush, The GOP's CEO by Paul Begala - Chock full of facts, stats, and figures...Bush's worst enemies!

Bill Maher: I'm Swiss - Bill's latest stand-up act, covering everything from health care to Bush's bizarre cowboy fixation.

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama - The progressive Illinois senator's life story.

Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore - Michael's in-depth study of Bush's failures, including those on September 11.

And of course....

"Am I Liberal or Just Well-Educated?" bumper sticker

Have fun putting it together, regardless of the time of year. In the end you'll hopefully have something fun, something meaningful, and something that both your loved one, and your country, will thank you for.

Quote of the Month

"The transaction should go forward, in my judgment."
Bush defending the now-defunct deal to allow Dubai Ports World to secure our shorelines. He now wants us to trust his judgment? What, after he dropped the ball on September 11 and Hurricane Katrina?

Link of the Month
Midwest Values PAC
headed by Al Franken!