W is for "WMDs...Where?!?"

by Greg Method

I'm not exactly a sports nut, but I do like baseball. In fact, sometime in the last century, during one of the country's more prosperous moments when I actually had money to spend, I had purchased a bat and ball. Unfortunately, as is often the case with impulse buys, the bat and ball have sat in a Toys "R" Us bag, unplayed with.

It's a good thing we have such a crappy economy now. God knows what other crap I would have bought if I wasn't more concerned about painstakingly trying to make ends meet every month.

But anyway, a few months ago I was unpacking a box from my move, and sure enough there was the bat and ball, sitting in that cloudy white plastic bag looking as new and mint as the day TRU marked them down to make way for a Pokémon cards display.

I thought, "Hey, I live in an actual neighborhood now, with families and backyards and sexual-predator awareness fliers. Why don't I go outside and practice my swing?"

The autumn leaves crunched under my shoes as I strolled out the back door in a cocky, gonna-hit-one-outta-da-park walk. The theme from The Natural played in my head as the breezy pre-Halloween air danced through my hair. I playfully kicked the bat at my right shoe and extended my finger outward, calling my shot. My brow lowered in a determined stare as I tossed the ball into the air in front of me.

After several missed swings, I was getting pretty fed up. With an aggravated grumble, I hurled the ball up in one final, frustrated attempt to make a connection. I swung the wooden bat forward as a quick, labored groan escaped my lips. The crack of a bat never sounded so crisp before, and the ball sailed in a beautiful arch...

Right into my neighbor's window.

Almost immediately, I heard an explosion of commotion inside the house that the ball had found its way into, as if the house itself was saying, "What the hell was that?!?" After quickly checking to see if anyone on the street had seen what happened, I cautiously crept toward the house to investigate the damage. Just then the front door flew open.

Mr. Jannison isn't exactly a grumpy man. At least, I don't think he is. I don't really know the guy well, but I was hoping he wasn't an inherently angry soul. I had only spoken to him once or twice before, and he looked much meaner than I thought he was. Imagine a short, Danny Devito-sized man with a graying, frizzy perm. He looks like what would happen if the late PBS painter Bob Ross was put into some kind of human compressor and shrunk down.

Anyway, Mr. Jannison was standing in the doorway, holding my misdirected ball in his hand. After spouting some words that I thought were most likely Yiddish obscenities, he finally got around to that one question.

"Is this yours??" he demanded, waving the ball in his hand as if he was a Nazi leader denouncing me as a Jew.

I really don't know what kind of answer he was hoping for from me, especially since I was standing there holding a bat and still humming the theme from The Natural. I nodded in a slow, meek manner, hoping my apology was more than understood.

"Why did you break my window??" he asked, still waving the ball violently.

I don't know why I answered how I did. I was hoping to make it clear that I was just hoping to have some outdoor fun, get some fresh air, and enjoy the world. I guess I didn't start it the right way.

"Well," I began as I cleared my throat, "I was just thinking how important it is in our post-9/11 world to--"

The next thing I noticed was the ball flying towards me.

When I came to several hours later, I realized the error of my ways. You simply cannot use 9/11 as an excuse for everything.

As I picked up my ball and bat and slumped my way back into the house, my thoughts turned to the war in Iraq. Specifically, what were we doing there?

Just in case there is any confusion, let me be perfectly blunt for a second. I never supported the idea of going to war this time, I feel that we were intentionally misled and manipulated, and all this has done is waste lives, money, and time.

Bush's first stated reason was that he wanted to protect us from supposed "weapons of mass destruction" that Saddam Hussein both possessed and was planning to give to other terrorists. To describe how serious a threat Saddam supposedly was to us, he used such terminology as "grave and gathering danger," "arsenal of terror," "clear evidence of peril," and "mushroom cloud," hoping that the average American would remember images of 9/11.

"You can't distinguish between al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror," Bush had said over and over again since the fall of 2002. Bush and his team were trying to make such a big stink about how terrorists lived and trained in Iraq, while completely ignoring the fact that the 9/11 hijackers learned to fly planes when they were living here!

The word "terrorism" has now become synonymous with 9/11, and the Bush empire knows this all too well. So does the phrase "national security," the word "homeland," and of course that certain oft-repeated phrase about weapons that I'm getting sick of hearing. So now, Bush can use 9/11 as an excuse for every slimy thing he has done, even when he hasn't specifically said "9/11" (much as how he has given the illusion that Iraq was an "imminent threat" without specifically saying those two words).

Look at the Patriot Act. Bush used 9/11 as a reason to compromise our civil liberties, our rights to legal search-and-seizure, and even our freedom at the library, for cryin' out loud!

Look at the laughable Department of Homeland Security. What on earth has it done to protect this country? It utilizes a fickle color chart that changes based solely on rumor. The hell?? Is this part of the United States government or a Yahoo e-mail list?? What's next? The "Where's Osama bin Laden Wheel of Fortune?"

And by doing all this, Bush has not made us safer at all. Sure, he's made us more worried about flying, more vigilant of Arabs, and more confused about who actually attacked us, but safer? Not a chance.

Do you know what the odds were of a U.S. citizen being killed in the 9/11 attacks? 94,689 to 1. A person was eight times more likely to die of liver disease.

Would you like to know what the current odds are of being killed in a terrorist attack? About 100,000 to 1. So, with the gap of about 6,000 people, which isn't even enough to sell out a minor-league ballgame, the odds are about the same. We are now statistically as safe as we were on 9/11 of being a victim of terrorism.

100,000 to 1. You are twice as likely of being killed by lightning, ten times more likely of being killed falling off a ladder, and sixteen times more likely of getting hit by a train. Hell, you're five times more likely to die because your clothes have caught on fire!

Speaking of fire, Howard Dean came under heavy fire when he stated that the United States is not any safer now that Saddam Hussein has been captured, and you know what? He's right. Where were these supposed "weapons of mass destruction" that Saddam had? Where are these terrorists he was supposedly harboring? Wasn't that why we would have been safer after his capture? Because he would not be able to use or give away his WMDs?

So, where are they??

Think about it. Even before Bush decided to go against the United Nations' wishes and invade the country, the weapons inspectors said they needed more time...because they couldn't find anything! How long have U.S. troops been in Iraq this time now? Since last March? And what has been the only thing they have found?

As Bush said in the State of the Union rant, "The Kay report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations."

So what does that mean? NO FRIGGIN' WEAPONS!!!

Program activities? Equipment? Last time I checked, neither of those could be qualified as "weapons of mass destruction," unless, of course, the activity was "Pin the nuke on the White House," but I'm pretty sure this time it refers to manila folders of schematics. Ooo...where are my batteries and duct tape?

By all means, track down the January 7 issue of the Washington Post. On page A01, read Barton Gellman's article, in which he clearly says, "But investigators have found no support for the two main fears expressed in London and Washington before the war: that Iraq had a hidden arsenal of old weapons and built advanced programs for new ones."

I'll come back to the weapons later, but let's consider Bush's second reason to invade Iraq: because Saddam was an evil dictator who tortured his own people...two decades ago. If you remember, this was the eleventh-hour addition to his reasons for going to war when people were no longer believing the weapons line.

I know it's currently politically correct to begin any anti-war comment with "Saddam was a bad guy and I'm glad he's gone, but..." I refuse to stoop to such conformity. Wanting to liberate a tortured nation from a brutish overload is a noble intention, but unfortunately that's not really why Bush attacked Iraq, either.

Why do I say this? Well, no doubt you have heard about the recent evidence and testimonies that have turned up in the Ron Suskind book The Price of Loyalty. Perhaps most noteworthy is the recounting by Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, who stated in the book that Bush started planning the Iraqi invasion just days after his inauguration, a good seven-and-a-half months before 9/11.

So obviously this was something that Bush was hoping to do in office, regardless of terrorism or security. But if his intentions were in fact noble, then how come there was not a single mention of possibly invading Iraq when he was running for president??

Really, think about that for a second. Bush campaigned for office for how long? A year? Maybe more? He didn't run on much, either. Dignity and tax cuts seemed to be the only tracks on his album. So how come he never once said, "When I am elected president, I will do my part to liberate the tortured souls of Iraq by removing Saddam Hussein"? Granted he couldn't pronounce half of those words, but seriously, why didn't he make that a selling point?

I'll tell you why. Because liberation had nothing to do with his motives, and he was waiting on pins and needles for a catalyst. As crass as this may sound, Enter September 11.

And even after that day it took a while before Bush and his empire could resculpt the tragedy of 9/11 into some vague connection with Iraq. In December of that year, Colin Powell even said, "With respect to what is sometimes characterized as taking out Saddam, I never saw a plan that was going to take him out."

Consider that Condoleezza Rice had previously said in July 2001 that "Saddam Hussein is on the radar screen for the administration," obviously there was some lack of communication going on in the White House.

I honestly believe that Powell didn't know anything then because he was kept in the dark on Bush's aspirations. Bush, Cheney, and their corporate masters needed to find the perfect set of convoluted lies and false information to first convince one of the smartest people in the administration. And if they could fool him, then the rest of the nodding sheep that are the citizens of this country would follow like dominoes, right? If you remember, it wasn't until Bush connected "national security" with his self-described "axis of evil" (which included Iraq) did Powell fall in line and agreed that going after Saddam was the way to go. They played the fear card with Powell. The body snatchers claimed their most sought-after victim, the smart guy.

Bush tried ever so hard to also play the fear card with the American people, using phrases such as "if this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words, and all recriminations would come too late" and the aforementioned "the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." And although he has never publicly uttered the phrase "imminent threat," he has said "the Iraqi regime could launch a biological or chemical attack in as little as 45 minutes after the order were given." The expected, gullible people nodded blankly, while many others (in our country and abroad) were simply not buying it.

Then Bush tried to play the sympathy card. This didn't work for a variety of reasons. One, he started wedging that into his rhetoric way too late in the game when he was building the case for war. It was like a guy trying all night to talk a date into sex, and then around nine at night he mentions something like, "But my doctor only gave me three weeks to live." Two, Bush only started pushing it after the reports by the U.N. weapons inspectors were not backing his WMD claims. And three, although yes it was a shame that Saddam was doing something so horrible in the 1980s that not even the first George Bush cared enough to do anything about it, it was hardly a reason to launch a massive war. So they didn't live their lives the way we do...so what? Bad, yes, but it wasn't necessarily our place to go in and "rescue" them. We've become that really nerdy friend who thinks they're helping you by condemning your drinking at a party.

Strange. That analogy made sense an hour ago.

Anyway, so the fear card wasn't working with the citizens, and the sympathy card came too late to make any real impact. So what was left? Yep, the revenge card. The only way Bush was going to convince people that going to war was a good idea was by continuing to connect Iraq with 9/11, hence the continued claims of WMDs.

So again, where the hell are they?

As Ron Suskind has said in recent interviews, the administration has a huge problem dealing with facts, and in this case the fact is that WMDs have not been found.

And furthermore, if Bush was really playing the revenge card, as far as 9/11 was concerned, then how come he didn't instead strengthen his pursuit of Osama bin Laden??

September 11 was almost two-and-a-half years ago, and we still haven't found the one guy we know was involved?? Does this make sense at all? The guy is only wandering the mountains with a friggin' camera crew!

Remember Bush's really lame interview with Diane Sawyer back in December? She specifically asked, "What about Osama bin Laden?"

Bush's answer? "Well, he's--he's--we're on his trail, too."

What in the bloody hell kind of answer is that?!? What, is he deploying the help of the Amazing Chan Clan?

Okay, so why did Bush invade Iraq? He didn't do it for revenge for 9/11, since bin Laden isn't in Iraq. Nor did he do it for immediate national-security purposes, since this attack was on the drawing board for two years before the war officially commenced. Nor did he do it to help the people of Iraq, since if that was really the reason then why didn't he say it from the get-go?

Was it to get oil? Was it to generate business for Halliburton? Was it to distract us from the fact that the hunt for bin Laden has turned up zip? I'm sure all those were considered, but I'm betting the biggest raison d'etre was revenge.

No, no, not revenge for 9/11. Think about the person we're talking about, specifically that person's family history. Any major unfinished events from...say...the early '90s ringing any bells?

Yes, I think Bush has embarked on this war because his father couldn't get rid of Saddam. Remember what I said last month about the phallic mentality of the Republican Party? What's more phallic and oedipal than wanting to kill the man your father wanted to kill, but couldn't?

Before Saddam was captured, what was Bush's previous achievement in the war? The murder of Saddam's sons. If that's not dripping with phallic symbolism, I don't know what is.

Also, consider this: Who was in charge of Desert Storm? Dick Cheney and Colin Powell. What a coincidence, don't you think?? In fact, most of the current Bush's administration is filled with people who served with or under his father.

For those of you who have HBO channels on your cable or satellite, keep your eyes out for a George Carlin stand-up special from 1991 that's been making the rounds called Jammin' in New York. Early in the show, he does a hilarious routine about the phallic symbolism behind Desert Storm. I swear to god, if you did not know the show was done in '91, you would think he was talking about the current war. His entire routine could be taken word-for-word and name-for-name and reapplied now.

Do you see what I'm getting at? The whole mess in Iraq is just a very flimsy attempt to recreate Desert Storm, the war the first Bush couldn't finish. THAT'S why we're over there.

I don't know about you, but this revelation bothers me. Wanting to justify and finish his father's lackluster presidency is one wormy thing, but to have the gall to hide it behind 9/11 and our fears of terrorism is not only unpresidential, it's also criminal and treasonous.

It has been said that the most difficult decision for a president to make is to send people to fight, and perhaps even die, in the name of their country. So it is perhaps the greatest atrocity for a president to send people to fight and die in the name of a lie. In a time in which the Republican Party has raped and pillaged the definition of "patriotism," what Bush has done is the most unpatriotic thing any president could do.

So if you still think Bush should be elected in November because of this war, or if you think I'm just pulling outrage out of thin air to form a rant, then please do me one favor. Read the following list of names. Take your time, don't skip ahead, take a break if you need to. Read each name carefully, aloud or twice if you want. Hell, you've already come this far in the column. There's no turning back now.

Jay Aubin, Ryan Beaupre, Brian Kennedy, Kendall Waters-Bey, Therrel Childers, Jose Gutierrez, Thomas Adams, Brandon Tobler, Nicolas Hodson, Eric Orlowski, Christopher Scott Seifert, Frederick Pokorney, Michael Bitz, Thomas Blair, Brian Rory Buesing, David Fribley, Jose Garibay, Jorge Gonzalez, Phillip Jordan, Patrick Nixon, Randal Kent Rosacker, Thomas Slocum, Michael Williams, George Buggs, Jamaal Addison, Robert Dowdy, Ruben Estrella-Soto, Howard Johnson II, Johnny Mata, James Kiehl, Lori Piestewa, Ulysses Sloan, Donald Walters, Brendon Reiss, Nolen Hutchings, Jonathan Gifford, Donald Cline Jr., Kemaphoon Chanawongse, Tamario Burkett, Edward Anguiano, Evan James, Bradley Korthaus, Gregory Sanders, Michael Johnson, Francisco Martinez Flores, Donald May, Patrick O'Day, Robert Rodriguez, Gregory Stone, Kevin Nave, Joseph Menusa, Jesus Suarez Del Solar, Roderic Solomon, Fernando Padilla-Ramirez, William White, Michael Russell Creighton Weldon, Diego Fernando Rincon, Michael Edward Curtin, Eugene Williams, James Cawley, Michael Lalush, Aaron Contreras, Brian McGinnis, Brandon Rowe, William Jeffries, Jacob Butler, Joseph Maglione, Brian Anderson, Christian Gurtner, George Fernandez, James Adamouski, Matthew Boule, Erik Halvorsen, Scott Jamar, Eric Smith, Michael Pedersen, Nathan White, Donald Oaks Jr., Randall Rehn, Todd Robbins, Nino Livaudais, Ryan Long, Russell Rippetoe, Chad Bales, Mark Evnin, Erik Silva, Wilbert Davis, Edward Korn, Bernard Gooden, Tristan Aitken, Wilfred Bellard, Daniel Francis Cunningham, Devon Jones, Paul Smith, Travis Ford, Benjamin Sammis, Brian McPhillips, Duane Rios, Larry Brown, Stevon Booker, Edward Smith, Gregory Huxley, Kelley Prewitt, Lincoln Hollinsaid, Andrew Julian Aviles, Jesus Martin Antonio Medellin, Jeffrey Kaylor, Juan Guadalupe Garza Jr., Eric Das, William Watkins III, Anthony Miller, George Mitchell, Henry Brown, Jason Meyer, Robert Stever, Scott Sather, John Marshall, Terry Hemingway, Jeffrey Bohr Jr., Riayan Tejeda, David Edward Owens Jr., Jesus Gonzalez, Gil Mercado, Joseph Mayek, Richard Goward, Armando Ariel Gonzalez, Thomas Foley III, John Brown, Jason David Mileo, John Rivero, Andrew Todd Arnold, Robert William Channell Jr., Alan Dinh Lam, Russell Roy Buckley, David Troy Jenkins, Narson Sullivan, Osbaldo Orozco, Joe Garza, Jesse Givens, Sean Reynolds, Jason Deibler, Marlin Rockhold, Cedric Bruns, Richard Carl, Hans Gukeisen, Brian Van Dusen, Matthew Smith, Jakub Henryk Kowalik, Jose Francis Gonzalez Rodriguez, Patrick Lee Griffin Jr., Nicholas Kleiboeker, David Nutt, William Payne, Douglas Jose Marencoreyes, Rasheed Sahib, Andrew David La Mont, Jason William Moore, Timothy Louis Ryan, Aaron Dean White, Kirk Allen Straseskie, Dominic Baragona, Nathaniel Caldwell, David Evans, Jeremiah Smith, Mathew Schram, Brett Petriken, Kenneth Nalley, Keman Mitchell, Michael Quinn, Thomas Broomhead, Kenneth Bradley, Jose Perez III, Kyle Griffin, Michael Gleason, Zachariah Long, Jonathan Lambert, Atanacio Haro Marin Jr., Branden Oberleitner, Doyle Bollinger Jr., Travis Burkhardt, Jesse Halling, Michael Dooley, Gavin Neighbor, John Klinesmith Jr., Andrew Pokorny, Ryan Cox, Joseph Suell, Shawn Pahnke, Michael Tosto, Robert Frantz, William Latham, Michael Deuel, Paul Nakamura, Orenthial Smith, Cedric Lennon, Gladimir Philippe, Kevin Ott, Gregory MacDonald, Andrew Chris, Richard Orengo, Cory Hubbell, Joshua McIntosh, Tomas Sotelo Jr., Timothy Conneway, Christopher Coffin, Travis Bradachnall, Edward Herrgott, Corey Small, Jeffrey Wershow, David Parson, Barry Sanford, Chad Keith, Robert McKinley, Craig Boling, Melissa Valles, Jason Andrew Tetrault, Roger Rowe, Dan Gabrielson, Christian Schulz, Joshua Neusche, Paul Cassidy, Jaror Puello-Coronado, Michael Crockett, Cory Ryan Geurin, Ramon Reyes Torres, David Moreno, Mason Douglas Whetstone, Joel Bertoldie, Jonathan Rozier, Christopher Willoughby, Jason Jordan, Justin Garvey, Mark Bibby, Jon Fettig, Brett Christian, Joshua Byers, Hector Perez, Raheen Tyson Heighter, Evan Asa Ashcraft, Juan Serrano, Wilfredo Perez Jr., Daniel Methvin, Jonathan Cheatham, Jonathan Barnes, Heath McMillin, William Maher III, Nathaniel Hart, Leif Nott, James Lambert III, Michael Deutsch, Justin Hebert, David Loyd, Farao Letufuga, Leonard Simmons, Brian Hellerman, Kyle Gilbert, Zeferino Colunga, Duane Longstreth, Brandon Ramsey, Matthew Bush, Floyd Knighten, Levi Kinchen, David Perry, Daniel Parker, Richard Eaton Jr., Timmy Brown Jr., Taft Williams, Steven White, David Kirchhoff, Eric Hull, Kenneth Harris, Bobby Franklin, Kylan Jones-Huffman, Michael Adams, Stephen Scott, Vorn Mack, Ronald Allen Jr., Pablo Manzano, Darryl Dent, Anthony Sherman, Rafael Navea, Gregory Belanger, Mark Lawton, Sean Cataudella, Cameron Samo, Joseph Camara, Charles Caldwell, Christopher Sisson, Bruce Brown, Jarrett Thompson, Ryan Carlock, Joseph Robsky, Henry Ybarra III, Kevin Morehead, William Bennett, Craig Ivory, Trevor Blumberg, Alyssa Peterson, Kevin Kimmerly, James Wright, Anthony Thompson, Richard Arriaga, Brian Faunce, Frederick Miller, David Friedrich, Lunsford Brown II, Paul Sturino, Michael Andrade, Robert Lucero, Robert Rooney, Kyle Thomas, Darrin Potter, Kristian Parker, Christopher Cutchall, Andrew Joseph Baddick, Dustin McGaugh, Simeon Hunte, Analaura Esparza Gutierrez, James Blankenbecler, Charles Sims, James Pirtie, Richard Torres, Kerry Scott, Spencer Karol, Christopher Swisher, Sean Silva, Joseph Norquist, James Powell, Stephen Wyatt, Donald Wheeler, Benjamin Freeman, Douglas Weismantle, Jose Casanova, Kim Orlando, Sean Grilley, Joseph Bellavia, Michael Williams, John Hart, David Bernstein, Paul Johnson, Paul Bueche, Jason Ward, John Johnson, John Teal, Michael Hancock, Jose Mora, Artimus Brassfield, Jamie Huggins, Joseph Guerrera, Charles Buehring, Rachel Bosveld, Steven Acosta, Aubrey Bell, Jonathan Falaniko, Issac Campoy, Michael Paul Barrera, Algernon Adams, Todd Bryant, Joshua Hurley, Benjamin Colgan, Maurice Johnson, Joe Wilson, Paul Velazquez, Frances Vega, Brian Slavenas, Ross Pennanen, Keelan Moss, Karina Lau, Darius Jennings, Anthony Dagostino, Ernest Bucklew, Bruce Smith, Joel Perez, Brian Penisten, Steven Conover, Daniel Bader, Rayshawn Johnson, Francisco Martinez, Robert Benson, Jose Rivera, James Wolf, Paul Fisher, James Chance III, Benedict Smith, Scott Rose, Paul Neff II, Kyran Kennedy, Cornell Gilmore I, Sharon Swartworth, Morgan Kennon, Mark Vasquez, Kurt Frosheiser, Gary Collins, Nicholas Tomko, Marlon Jackson, Genaro Acosta, Nathan Bailey, Robert Wise, Joseph Minucci II, Jacob Fletcher, Irving Medina, Timothy Hayslett, Eugene Uhl III, Warren Hansen, William Dusenbery, Ryan Baker, Michael Acklin II, Kelly Bolor, Sheldon Hawk Eagle, Erik Kesterson, John Russell, Scott Saboe, John Sullivan, Jeremy Wolfe, Jeremiah DiGiovanni, Damian Heidelberg, Joey Whitener, Pierre Piche, Richard Hafer, Alexander Coulter, James Shull, Dale Panchot, Nathan Dalley, Scott Tyrrell, George Wood, Joseph Lister, Gary Coleman, Robert Roberts, Damian Bushart, Jerry Wilson, Rel Ravago IV, Eddie Menyweather, Darrell Smith, Christopher Nason, David Goldberg, Thomas Sweet II, Ariel Rico, Aaron Sissel, Stephen Bertolino, Uday Singh, Clarence Boone, Raphael Davis, Ryan Young, Arron Clark, Ray Hutchinson, Jason Wright, Joseph Blickenstaff, Steven Bridges, Christopher Rivera Wesley, Todd Bates, Richard Burdick, Jerrick Petty, Aaron Reese, Marshall Edgerton, Jeffrey Braun, Jarrod Black, Kimberly Voelz, Rian Ferguson, Kenneth Souslin, Nathan Nakis, Christopher Holland, Glenn Allison, Charles Bush Jr., Edward Saltz, Stuart Moore, Christopher Splinter, Christopher Soelzer, Benjamin Biskie, Michael Yashinski, Eric Cooke, Thomas Christensen, Stephen Hattamer, Charles Haight, Michael Mihalakis, Michael Sutter, Rey Cuervo, Curt Jordan Jr., Ernesto Blanco, Justin Pollard, Dennis Corral, Solomon Bangayan, Marc Seiden, Kimberly Hampton, Eric Pallwoda, Luke Frist, Jesse Mizener, Jeffery Walker, Craig Davis, Philip Johnson Jr., Ian Manuel, Aaron Weaver, Michael Diraimondo, Gregory Hicks, Nathaniel Johnson, Christopher Golby, Ricky Crockett, Keicia Hines, Roland Castro, Edmond Randle, Larry Polley Jr., Cody Orr, Kelly Hornbeck, James Parker, Gabriel Palacios, Brian Hazelgrove, Michael Blaise, Kenneth Hendrickson, Keith Smette, Ervin Dervishi, Randy Rosenberg, William Sturges Jr., Jason Chappell, Patrick Dorff, Cory Mracek, Lester Kinney II, Luke James, Travis Moothart, James Hoffman, Matthew August, Sean Landrus, Luis Moreno, Holly McGeogh, Juan Cabralbanuelos, Ellu Miersandoval, Armando Soriano, Roger Turner Jr., Seth Dvorin

All done?

You have just read a list of names of the American troops who, as of February 2, have been killed in Iraq during this war.

That's 527 people, so far, who will not come home, will not see their families and friends again, and will not be able to live their lives because Bush wanted to get some guy for his "daddy."

It makes me sick. How can a person who has sent over 500 citizens to die look himself in the mirror? How can he stand at a podium and smirk that slimy smirk of his? How can he proudly call himself a "war president?" And, most importantly, how come we're not holding him accountable for this??

I'm again thinking back to the Diane Sawyer interview. There was a moment in which my stomach turned. Diane was trying to ask Bush if in retrospect the war was worth it, considering nothing has been found. She said, "But stated as a hard fact, that there were weapons of mass destruction as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons still--"

Bush's response?

"So what's the difference?"

Yeah, you read that right.

What's the difference? You, dear reader, have just read the difference, and we need to hold Bush accountable for all those lives.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a window to replace.


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