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April 2006 update!

On April 4, almost exactly one year after we first launched this page, Tom announced that he will not seek reelection, effectively ending his twenty-year tenure as Texas Congressman. He also announced plans to resign from the House in mid-June.

So in other words, he's outta here! The Hammer has been hammered!

If we as a people did anything, we made it clear that Americans will no longer tolerate corrupt politicians who think they're above the law.

It's time to slam the hammer down on...well, "The Hammer!"

No, no, not the rap superstar of the early 1990s whose hits "U Can't Touch This" and "Too Legit to Quit" united hip-hop with bland white suburbanites before he became a televangelist and self-parodying advertising whore. We're talking about Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, the House Majority Leader.

You see, wrinkly ol' Tommy has come under heavy fire lately for...well, for being one of the most corrupt, manipulative, sleaziest members of Congress.

You can read about some of the major concerns at the American Progress Action Fund and the Public Campaign Action Fund. But to "quickly" sum up, Thomas has misused campaign funds, Homeland Security funds, children's charity funds, and taxpayer money for personal gain; has violated Texas law by redirecting corporate money donated to his Texans for a Republican Majority PAC for campaigns; has violated House rules by accepting a $107,000 all-expenses-paid vacation to South Korea from the Korea-US Exchange Council lobbying group, by admitting to bribe Sen. Nick Smith (R-MI) with $100,000 and an endorsement for his son's own election in exchange for a vote on the Medicare bill, and by using taxpayer money to track down a private plane carrying Texas Democratic legislators he wanted to force back to the capitol in order to force a vote on a state redistricting that would shift more electoral votes to pro-Bush regions of the state; and has pushed for changes in the House rules and House Ethics Committee that would only serve to protect his power in the House should he be subject to investigation. So essentially, he has grown mad with power and money. Gosh, how unlike a Republican, huh?

Of course, Thom won't actually admit to any wrongdoings, or is even open to much discussion about them. Instead, he has tried to blame both Democrats and--you guessed it--the media for his current woes.

But unfortunately for Tom, Democrats aren't alone in the finger-pointing. Both Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) and Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) have urged Tommy Boy to resign, while Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and former slimy House Speaker Newt Gingrich have publicly pleaded with Tom to end his silence and finally address the allegations.

Not surprisingly, one of Tommy's sole, albeit most vocal supporters has been wormy Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS), who was forced to step down as Senate majority leader following racist comments at one of dead rapist Strom Thurmond's birthday parties.

In late April, the House decided to finally open an investigation probing ol' DeLay-he-hoo, while at the same time reversing the very rules he implemented that would have protected him. But sure enough USA Today later revealed that all five Republicans on the House Ethics Committee, the one that would be leading the investigation, received hefty campaign contributions from the boy of the hour. Hmm, it's almost as if he was expecting trouble that he would need to buy his way out of, eh? Oh no, that couldn't be's gotta be the fault of them there Demmycrats!

And of course, who else would support a corrupt sleazeball but another corrupt sleazeball? Just as the House investigation had been opened, the one and only Bushface appeared with Tommy, almost hand-in-hand, to give generic praise to his good ol' chum.

"I appresheeate da leadahship o' Congresshman Tom DeLay in workin' on important isshoos dat mattah to da country," he mumbled with a vague, can-be-applied-to-anything tone.

Well, it's great to know where Dubya's loyalties lie...with the crooks.

So, what can we do? How can we convince Congress to give DeLay de walking papers?

Well, first you can sign the petition at's Fire Tom DeLay web site. Then you can go to the Drop the Hammer web site to boycott the corporations that continue to financially support ol' Thomas.

It's time for us to repeat a line by that aforementioned rapper and finally say "Stop 'Hammer time!'"

Don't delay!

Quote of the Month

"I'm sorry to say, since 9/11 we have essentially done nothing."
Richard A. Falkenrath, Bush's former deputy homeland security adviser

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