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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
-Theodore Roosevelt

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W is for "Worst President in History"


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W is for "Why?"
W is for "WMDs...Where?!?"
W is for "Weddings"
W is for "War on Drugs"...and "Walking!"
W is for "Women and Wombs"
W is for "Wetlands, Wildlife...and other Ways He's Screwed the Environment"
W is for "Work, Wealth, and our Weak Economy"
W is for "Wellness"
W is for "Waffling?"
W is for "Why? Wedux"
W is for "Wha' Happened??"
W is for "Wives"
W is for "Watergate"
W is for "Wombs"
W is for "Weather"
W is for "Wiretapping"
W is for "World War III"
W is for "What's at Stake"
W is for "Whew!"
W is for "Well-Wishing"
W is for "Washout"
W is for "Worth a Thousand Words"

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Where's Osama?
Just how long is seven minutes?
E-mail Ahnold some new SNL catchphrases!
Write to Donald Rumsfeld and ask him to resign! (success!)
Sign Sen. Barbara Boxer's petition to protest Condoleezza Rice being appointed Secretary of State! (ended)
Sign Rep. Louise Slaughter's petition to force the White House to come clean on its fruity plant in the press corps! (ended)
DeHire DeLay!
Sign the DCCC pledge to stop extremism and abuse of power in the House! (ended)
Call your senators toll free and tell them to oppose John Bolton!
Sign John Kerry's petition to fire Karl Rove! (success!)
Sign Sen. Barbara Boxer's petition to protest the impulsive appointing of John Bolton as UN Ambassador! (ended)
Donate to the Red Cross, and help clean up after Bush's incompetence!
Join the DCCC's call for new leadership at FEMA! (ended)
Sign John Kerry's petition to prevent even further tax cuts for the rich! (ended)
Two words: Recall Schwarzenegger!
Tell Tom DeLay: Resign! (success!)
Help the People for the American Way collect a million signatures to stop the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito! (ended)
Join Sen. Ted Kennedy in urging the White House to surrender all documents in the Libby/Cheney/Rove scandal!
Sign Rep. Louise Slaughter's petition to demand a hearing on Bush's approval of spying on U.S. citizens without cause!
Sign the Democratic Party's Honest Leadership Petition!
Urge your Congress member to co-sponsor Rep. John Conyers's call for an impeachment investigation!
Make a Liberal Basket!
Order Neil Young's brand new protest album Living with War!
Call your phone company to protest their submitting your phone records to the NSA!
Sign Sen. Ted Kennedy's "Raise the Minimum Wage" petition!
Keep track of Donald Rumsfeld's appearance schedule to protest and heckle him wherever he goes! (ended)
Donate money to the DCCC and House candidates by June 30 and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar! (ended)
Order a FREE "Grand Oil Party" bumper sticker! (ended)
Tell Republicans to stop playing politics with the minimum wage!
Invite Arnold to a debate! (ended)
Sign TrueMajority's petition to boot House Speaker Dennis Hastert for protecting a pedophile! (success!)
Sign Democrats.com's petition to get the impeachment ball rolling!
Sign Rep. Jim McGovern's petition to get our troops out of Iraq!
Sign Sen. Barbara Boxer's petition to end the Iraq war! (ended)
Order a FREE DefCon bumper sticker! (ended)
Join Sen. Ted Kennedy in halting Bush's escalation of the war!
Join John Edwards's call for universal health care!
Co-sponsor the Sanders/Boxer Senate global warming bill! (ended)
Sign the People for the American Way's petition to Congress to force Alberto Gonzales to resign or be removed from office! (success!)
Build a Memorial!
Co-sponsor the Feingold/Reid "Power of the Purse" bill to pull our troops from Iraq! (ended)
Join John Edwards's call to Congress to end the war!
Sign MoveOn.org's call to Congress to end our illegal use of torture and to shut down Guantanamo Bay! (success!)
Sign the DSCC's petition to call Bush out on excusing Cheney's aide Libby of treason! (ended)
Sign the TrueMajority's petition to force Condoleezza Rice to resign as Secretary of State! (ended)

Graffiti seen around New York University.

This is it! The reign of the statistical worst illegitimate "president" in history is over! No more unjust wars, no more tax cuts only to the rich, no more selling every American interest overseas and to private corporations, no more massive incompetence that cost thousands of people here and abroad their lives, no more failed foreign policy based on ignorance and posturing, no more defiance against the world when it comes to environmental survival, no more screwing up public programs for generations to come, and simply no more Bush!

The inauguration of Barack Obama represents the greatest opportunity this country will ever have to get back on its feet. It's time to finally shed our skin of the failure of Bush, his party, and his cronies. Cheney, Rummy, Condi, they're all going down as well...as are Bush's strongest supporters, be it Jeb, McCain, Arnold, Delay, Blackwell, or anyone else. Divide and conquer. We need to scrape off the neo-con parasites once and for all.

We'll try not to lecture or browbeat you too much into anything, but we do ask that you do your part. After all, it's your country, too (unless you're from another country...and if you are, we're sorry for Bush and all he's done...things will be right again very soon).

Please be sure to do the following....

1. REGISTER TO VOTE You need to vote in November, so registering is a very important step. And there is no excuse not to do it. You don't have to pay anything, you don't have to go anywhere...you don't even have to put on pants! Just go to Rock the Vote and fill in the registration form. That's it! It's that simple.

2. LEARN ABOUT POLITICIANS AND ISSUES Start with your own local government and work your way up, regardless of which party you belong to. And we're not asking you to spend hours sifting through magazines or old newspapers. Simply go to the web sites of your mayor, representatives, senators, governor, etc. and read about what they stand for. You can't possibly make an intelligent choice until you know exactly what your choices are. Besides, you may very well find something that jives with your own beliefs, regardless of who it is.

3. FOLLOW THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA This step will take a bit of effort on your part, but this is for your own good. You can't always trust the mainstream news such as your local paper. Do you know how many newspapers are controlled by right-wing media conglomerates? It ain't pretty. You're only getting at best half the story on anything (especially if any part of your area is dependent on unions or has a large minority population). Do you like having the wool pulled over your eyes? Of course not. So put down your newspaper and pick up your local "free times" rag, listen to Air America or NPR, read The Nation, look for newspapers from other countries (you may be surprised how the foreign press sees us)...hell, watch The Daily Show for cryin' out loud! You might actually learn something about Washington that hasn't been filtered or spun.

4. READ, READ, READ Although this may sound like an extension of the previous step, this still cannot be stressed enough. Whatever your political party is, if you want to help better this country, all it takes is knowledge. There are many books out right now in stores and libraries detailing the faults of and dangerous problems with this administration...something both sides should be concerned about. For anyone, we whole-heartedly recommend Michael Moore's eye-opening satirical book Dude, Where's My Country? as it raises serious questions about Bush's very personal connections to the 9/11 terrorists (as does a certain movie we're plugging at the top of this page). We understand not everyone from either side likes Michael Moore (that doesn't excuse you from reading the book or seeing the movie, you understand), so in that case we also recommend the books of Al Franken, who is perhaps the closest thing we have to a modern day Mark Twain. If you want to know what's really going on in this country, never rely on just the "political commentators"...read the humor books! If you must read books by the so-called "pundits," go for the controversial books like The Price of Loyalty or Bushwhacked...you know, the ones that the geezers on Fox News both hate and unsuccessfully try to refute all the time. Something intriguing must be in there if they feel the need to try to tear it down, right?

5. GET INVOLVED Visit the local office of your political party and volunteer, as there will always be an issue or candidate that they'll need help spreading the word about. Do more than just stick a sign in your front yard or a bumper sticker on your car. Bush is a bully, and bullies are always afraid when many people stand up to them. Why else did he go into hiding whenever there was a war-protest rally? Why else doesn't he discuss anything in a public forum? He's afraid. Period. Despite what Fox News may tell you, he is not in charge of things. He does not have the power. We do. All it takes is to mobilize that power and turn it into activity.

6. VOTE! This isn't going to be some spiel about how it's your duty as a citizen or how you'd be a coward otherwise. It's about speaking your mind, making your voice heard, and again, helping to change this country for the better. Especially if you're in one of the "swing states" (such as Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and others), the states where the votes will matter the most either way. If the 2000 and 2004 elections showed us anything, it was that we can no longer take voting for granted and that every single last vote does in fact matter.

7. VOICE YOUR COMPLAINTS Write to your senators. Write to your representatives. Write to your local media. Write to your mayor or governor. Believe it or not, those elected officials (or at least their assistants) do actually read whatever is sent to them, even if they don't agree with your ideas. And it's not about whining, either. It's about speaking your mind, making your voice heard, and again, helping to change this country for the better. It's about, again, standing up to the bully. Nobody will help us if they don't know where we stand.

There is one additional step, one that we ask you to do all the time, no matter where you go....

8. GET THE WORD OUT Talk to people about politics. Discuss issues and elected officials. Tell them to register to vote. E-mail around the URL to this or any other web site. All this information and hope we're trying to convey here rests solely with you. You can either pass the word along, or you can make a face and go to eBay to look for that Bill O'Reilly Pez dispenser (oddly enough, the candy comes out of his ass!).

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