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As we now move into bigger and better digs, we've been finding some of the most bizarre stuff around the studio. Most of us here collect some kind of weird thing, be it toys, movies, Scott Valentine autographed pictures, you name it. Anyway, here's some of the junk we're finding in boxes. Nobody remembers how it got here, and nobody wants it to stay here.

So, browse through our small inventory and see if anything jumps out at you and sinks its teeth into your jugular vein. To purchase any of the items offered here, please send an e-mail to check on availability and work out payment (we accept Paypal and money checks, please). Prices do not include Priority Mail domestic shipping charges, which we will tell you upon inquiry due to the change in rates (thanks a lot, stupid Postal Service!). When you e-mail us, please be sure to include your correct zip or postal code so we can be sure to quote you an exact total with shipping. The selection will change from time-to-time as we find more boxes of stuff, so please check back.

Unless noted, pictures of any of the items are now available on request.

Also, we keep our eyes on the market for this stuff, and we know their value. So don't even try to haggle with us. We're in no mood.

And please, don't think you're going to get some kind of bargain by waiting for us to offer an item on eBay. So far, everything we had offered on this page and then later offered on eBay had sold for our original asking price here OR MORE!!! So, if you see something on this page, save yourself a headache and just buy it now from here.

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As of April 1, our comic books are heading to eBay. Go check them out!



Every Halloween Greg treats his trick-or-treating neighbors to two hours of the grooviest, hippest, and most fun mix of seasonal songs ever collected, compiled onto two CDRs. Well, Greg has decided to retire the second CD and compile a different finale, and he'd rather offer the used CD here than let it just sit around unplayed and collect dust. Now, for legal reasons we cannot say what is on this CD, and in fact all we're really offering here is a used unlabeled CDR that just happens to have some files on it that can't be removed, but rest assured you will get almost fifty-four minutes of rockin', funny Halloween fun for your neighborhood or party. You won't live to regret it...ha ha ha!


One of the greatest comedy series of all time, The Simpsons is represented with a three-video boxed set, this time with the family getting involved with the law, the government, and politics. Wanna see Sideshow Bob run for mayor? Wanna see Homer's inept stint as Springfield's sanitation commissioner? Wanna see Homer give up beer for a month? Wanna see Homer beat the crap out of the first, legitimate President Bush? Hey, who wouldn't?! Episodes included are "Sideshow Bob Roberts," "Trash of the Titans," "Two Bad Neighbors," "Duffless," "I Love Lisa," and "The Trouble with Trillions." These are truly classic Simpsons episodes! Videos are gently used but in very fine condition. Sorry, the set cannot be broken up.



It's the stars of the DC Comics universe via action figures by Kenner, Hasbro, and even Mattel. We've got movie figures, Animated Series figures, comic figures, and even figures from the recent hit series Justice League Unlimited! The figures are loose, are mint unless where noted, and in most cases are just the figures. A select few do include accessories, but are incomplete in all cases (we'll note what's missing). Please note that while all the Justice League Unlimited figures are in mint condition, some might have the occasional paint splotch or bendy leg on them as is the norm with the quality control on that toyline. Rest assured that all heroes that wear capes still have them. Start your DC figure collection on the cheap today!

As of April 1, our incomplete/accessory-less loose figures are heading to eBay. Go check them out!


From one of the most confusing storylines in all of comic books comes the Scarlet-Spider, the Spider-Man "clone." Is it really Peter Parker, or could it be genetic clone Ben Reilly?? Uh...does it really matter? This Kay-Bee exclusive action figure is mint in box.

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