Catra-Dohtem Studio Store

No giant scary resin statues lurking around the corners. No loud thumping music crying out of a giant video screen on the wall. No pushy salesclerks.

Oh, and no discounts!

In association with, the poor man's printing factory, we are proud to offer a nice selection of merchandise featuring some of our favorite My-Life characters (maybe yours, too...we don't have the time to figure that out).

We'll have tons of more products and featured characters from other sections of available very soon! And check the regular stores often, as limited edition seasonal products pop up a lot!

So just click on the pictures below to be taken to our various character departments....

Holiday 2006

Santa Claws/Santa Paws
Santa Claws
- Santa Paws
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Plus CLEARANCE SALES on older holiday merchandise!
...And a Happy Nude Year
Have Yourself a Hairy Little Christmas

Catra-Dohtem 20th Anniversary

Catra-Dohtem 20th Anniversary

...without Bush

...without Bush
...without Bush mantra
- McSame/Plain '08
Where's Osama? - Bush bin Laden - Bumper Politics Logo Store Logo

My-Life "Attitudes" Collection

AdamAndyDuddlyTigger the Cat

My-Life "Grumpy" Collection


Miscellaneous My-Life


And from our own Dale Method, The No Pants Guy Emporium

No Pants Guy

In addition to our Cafepress stores, we are also offering items for sale at the Catra-Dohtem Garage Sale

And although we don't do it often, occasionally we offer items up on eBay, the world's best place to find human livers and Zeppelin bootlegs.

NOTE!: The above two links will have shipping rates that differ from our Cafepress stores. Unfortunately, we cannot combine Cafepress shipping prices with Garage Sale or eBay shipping prices. However, if you're lucky enough to be purchasing items from both our eBay auctions and our Garage Sale page, then we'll combine shipping for you. We're just that nice.

Plus, we have product links to Amazon,, and at our sites such as All Things Yankovic, The MST3K Video Guide, The Bugs Bunny Video Guide, and The Ha-Hacienda.

This page was last updated April 29, 2009. We've got a lot in store for you! Ha-HA!!!

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