It's the moment we thought would never happen, but it's here! Yankoheit 27, Greg's first full-length movie, is now available on DVD.

Greg wrote, directed, and stars in this documentary about the career of "Weird Al" Yankovic and the campaign to get him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to tracing Al's life and career, interviewing fans from around the world, and examining the origins and impact (or lack thereof) of the Cleveland museum, Greg also spoofs sequences from such famous documentaries as Bowling for Columbine, Super Size Me, Dont Look Back, the Ken Burns oeuvre, and more!

Production of the movie began (as a side project) in 2005 before beginning again in earnest in 2008. Greg completed it at the end of the summer of 2010 and then spent the next year exploring options to distribute it. Greg is planning to detail his epic journey on his new blog: (the first post concerning the film will probably come sometime in May)

Yankoheit 27 is available on DVD exclusively through Amazon via their manufacture-on-demand service (a la the Warner Archive). It is also available directly through our distributor, CreateSpace (and honestly, we get a bigger chunk of change if the movie's ordered that way).

We would greatly appreciate it if you would pick up a copy or seven. This movie has been a labor or love for Greg and everyone else who participated.

Connect with Greg

Now you can hook up with Greg on all those popular social networking web sites that the kids seem to love nowadays. Oh, and we mean "hook up" in the traditional sense. Clicking on the following links will not lead to a "booty call" in any way, shape, or form.


The Bride & the Greg

In April 2009 the independent romantic comedy The Bride & the Grooms started making the rounds in theaters across the country. Greg appears in this movie in a very small, but very funny, role (his first theatrical speaking role, no less!).

Written and directed by Butch Maier, the movie follows a young woman (Jacilyn Ledford) who through a series of miscommunications finds herself engaged to four of her best friends (Shaphan David Seiders, Michael Wendt, Christopher Leabu, Oliver Gray). It's a comedy of errors in the truest sense of the phrase.

We would have gladly given everyone the heads up that the movie was to be released, but alas Greg wasn't given such heads up, making all such plans quite difficult.

Canadian Idiot

We are extremely gleeful to finally premiere Greg's latest video project, an unofficial, sort of ersatz music video for "Weird Al" Yankovic's awesome Green Day parody "Canadian Idiot!" Greg cobbled together nearly a dozen existing YouTube clips of live performances of the song (all from different concerts, yet!) and then dubbed it all with the album track, creating what is possibly the first fan-produced video for the song to actually feature Al performing it!

Unfortunately, Al did not produce his own live action video for the parody, so hopefully Greg's will help fill the void and help promote a really great parody, just in time for Al's current summer tour, too!

This marks Greg's second Weird Al fan video project, as back in 1998 he edited together a video for Al's instrumental track "Fun Zone" for that year's ALCON '98 fan convention.

And remember, "Canadian Idiot" is available on the Grammy-nominated hit album Straight Outta Lynwood...or, if you just want the song, you can buy a download of it on iTunes.

Be sure to check out the video below, and please give it a high rating and a kind comment over on YouTube (just click on the video itself to get there). Enjoy!

MST3K has moved!

Our popular off-site Mystery Science Theater 3000 web site, The MST3K Video Guide, has been bouncing around on the Internet for years now, leaping from one web server to another. Well, we are proud to announce that the site has finally come home to to settle down, just in time for the MST3K DVD license to itself jump from Rhino to Shout! Factory. Seriously, Rhino, what the hell's up with you already?? You used to be so cool, man!

Anyway, you can now turn your web crank to for all your MST3K video-info needs.

Hi-keeba, indeed!

R.I.P. "Dancing Grandma"

We are heartbroken to report that Esther Ellis, Greg and Dale's grandmother, had died on March 18, 2008 following a painful battle with kidney and bladder cancer. She was 80.

Online, Esther had become something of a cult figure for a viral video depicting her dancing to the Sounds' "Tony the Beat." The video was shot and released by Brandon Doering, Greg and Dale's cousin, on his MySpace page.

Naturally, the whole family is devastated. She will be missed beyond words.

More Gama News news!

We're proud to announce the newest addition to our still-new Gama News Team section: Fred's Shelf, hosted by Fred the Mole! Check it out!

In every column, Fred will review a variety of pop culture items, from books to movies to music to whatever. There will also be a number of other fun surprises along the way, so it'll definitely be worth checking again and again. Enjoy!

Gama News news

Way, way, way back a long time ago we were promising a new section devoted to our Gama News Team family of characters. Well, we're pleased to announce that it's finally up and ready to go! Check it out!

We've got two new features on board that will soon be added there, most notably Fred's Shelf, a series of mass media and pop culture reviews by our rodential puppet character Fred the Mole.

Meanwhile, we're still gearing up to launch Where the Heck is Aaron? very soon, but we're currently stuck in litigation that we're slowly but surely getting out of. You'll see why when the feature has its debut. So keep checking back!

Patience, little Locus blossom....

Here's a cool little update on Ray Bradbury: The Life of Fiction, last year's intriguing biography by Jonathan Eller and William Touponce that Greg worked a little on.

The Life of Fiction was nominated in the "Best Non-Fiction" category of this year's Locus Awards, the prestigious awards honoring the best in science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing. It was up against The Gernsback Days: A Study of the Evolution of Modern Science Fiction from 1911 to 1936 by Mike Ashley and Robert A.W. Lowndes; The Wave in the Mind: Talks and Essays on the Writer, the Reader, and the Imagination by Ursula K. Le Guin; The Annotated Brothers Grimm edited by Maria Tatar; and Dancing Naked: The Unexpurgated William Tenn by (who else?) William Tenn.

The awards were presented over Fourth of July weekend at the Westercon 58 convention in Calgary. Unfortunately, The Life of Fiction lost to The Wave in the Mind, but hey, it's cool that it was even nominated!

Way to go, Jonathan and Tupac!

Greg and "Weird Milan" Jacovich

Cleveland Connection Usually it's "Yankovic" that we're talking about on our web sites. But this summer, another similar-sounding Slavic name has been making the rounds around here, "Jacovich."

As in Milan Jacovich, everyone's favorite modern-day, Stroh's-drinking, Cleveland-based private eye. The brainchild of television veteran Les Roberts--whose writing credits include The Jackie Gleason Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Man from U.N.C.L.E., and Hollywood Squares--Milan has gumshoed his way through thirteen suspenseful, down to earth, and often really funny mystery novels.

The entire thirteen-book Milan Jacovich series is being reissued in paperback, and the first nine adventures are currently in stores. Greg did some minor technical work on the fourth reissue, The Cleveland Connection, making sure the book was reproduced correctly without any glaring omissions like halves of pages missing or anything. It's a very thin connection at best, but Greg is so psyched about these books that he forced us to cover them. Hey, he's the boss.

The reissues were commemorated with Cleveland mayor Jane Campbell declaring June 17 to be "Milan Jacovich Day," and Les will be spending the rest of the summer appearing at book signings. More info, such as dates, can be found on Les's own web site.

And of course, The Cleveland Connection (A Milan Jacovich Mystery) and the other eight reissues can be ordered with the greatest of ease at Amazon, so go get 'em!

The Method Chronicles

Wow, it seems like only a year ago when we were sent a cease-and-desist order forbidding us from mentioning a project that Greg worked long and hard on because someone else's ego didn't like the fact that we weren't tossing their salad on our web site. And because we just love things that come back to bite people in the very same rumps, that project tanked miserably as both a failure commercially and glossed-over by most critics. Haw-haw!

Anyway, one project that we can mention is one that Greg did some minor editorial work on last year, Ray Bradbury: The Life of Fiction by Jonathan Eller and William Touponce. A sort of analytical biography, Eller and Touponce cover the strange, overly protective sci-fi master's life and career thus far, making unique observations and parallels as they go over all of his work, both major and minor. And hey, there's even a foreword by the old boy himself!

The book is now in stores and can ordered at (where else?) Amazon. Hopefully this will sell more than the three copies that other thing did!

It's a movie about "nothing"...

Now on DVD is a riveting documentary called Comedian, chronicling Jerry Seinfeld on the road as he tempers his new stand-up routine. Also appearing in the movie are Bill Cosby, Colin Quinn, Chris Rock, Garry Shandling, Jay Leno, that chimpanzee that stars on Everybody Loves Raymond, Orny Adams, and...Greg and Dale???

'Tis true! In his quest to sneak into every low-budget movie produced in the next ten years, Greg can be seen in the front row of Jerry's audience during his 2001 stand-up act in Cleveland. You need really good eyes to catch him (start looking when Jerry walks past the giant Chief Wahoo flag), but he's there. Dale was also with Greg for that show, and sure enough his head is also obstructing the view in a few shots! Dale's is the somewhat-buzzcut head that seems to be in direct path of Jerry's crotch.

So by all means, order the DVD and check it out!

While we're plugging DVDs, we might as well mention that the ultra-dull Rob Lowe made-for-HBO movie that Greg was cut out of, Proximity, is also out in stores!

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