Welcome to The My-Life Vault, where we dust off some of the weirdest, goofiest, and downright nuttiest My-Life comic strips (both published and unpublished!) ever drawn!

The following batch of strips are readily available for your viewing pleasure, and more will be added in the future. Each comic strip (especially the ones that are really crappy, but bear some My-Life historical significance) will have commentary by My-Life's creator Greg Method. So there!

NOTE: During the first couple of years, My-Life was drawn at various sizes and with various inks to satisfy bickering overseers. To make the strips legible when scanned, most of the strips are sliced in half (the first couple panels in one row, the next couple below that, etc.). So, bear with us as we try to make these strips as readable as possible.

The First Published My-Life Strip!
To Ski or Not to Ski
The Pet-Grooming Glove
The Case of the Stolen Credit (index)
Dohtem Arts 1997 Company Christmas Card
Is it Safe-ly Sadistic?
Adam's Adventures in Outer Cyberspace (index)
Be All That You Can't Be
You Can't Handle the Truth
A My-Life Christmas (index)
You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Dog Eat Rat (index)
A Christmas Wish
My-Life 10th Anniversary Cards
Tribute to Charles Schulz

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