In 1994, in the middle of My-Life's published run in the Lantern, I proclaimed it to be the characters' tenth anniversary. And you thought 2001 was premature for the fifteenth!

A small sampling of commemorative products were planned, including a set of trading cards. 1994 was also the tail end of the non-sports trading card craze. Cards were all set to be printed and sold, but unfortunately six prototype cards are all that came to be.

The Greg and Adam cards (#0 and #00, respectively) each contained the same text on the back, describing the proposed line.

The third card above is a little hard to see, but it is a foil card of Tigger the Cat being chased by Duddly. Three of these "Spectra" cards were produced. Another one has Greg and Adam shaking hands while standing on top of a huge 10th anniversary logo. The third had Andy bending down, revealing a 10th anniversary logo stamped on the bottom of his pants. The backs of them had goofy messages like "Hey, don't stop now! You still have 109 more cards to get!"

The sixth card produced was a steel card with an embossed image of Andy at a beach in nature's own (a 10th anniversary logo covered his bits-n-pieces). It was a cool thing to come up with, as I don't think something like that had been done before or since, but it probably wouldn't have been a wise addition to a commercial line. It is somewhat heavy compared to the other cards and the corners are very sharp. I'm sure no little kids would have been harmed by such a product.

Stay tuned for more on my fascination with trading cards, including in the future some samples from a previous aborted My-Life cards!

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