Continuing the "Dog Eat Rat" storyline with this unpublished strip from 1995. Tigger the Cat makes a small cameo in the corner of the panels. Unfortunately Tigger hasn't shown up in the comics as often as I would like, since his character goes well with Duddly (not to mention the fact that if you have a dog, logically there must be a cat somewhere too!)

Andy makes a reference to a character named Cosmear (who is also seen in the last panel, complete with a "shining" manager badge). Cosmear was a minor character I worked with back around 1987 or so in some really ugly strips that will never be posted on here. He started off as kind of a gossipy person, skipping throughout Dumville while singing about things such as who's dating whom.

Sadly and ultimately, he simply didn't have any defining characteristics in his personality. He ended up being just another "goofy" guy, in a strip that already has Adam cornering the goofy guy market. I kept him around only when I didn't want to once again use Greg, or Adam, or Andy, or Jeremy.

I did an old comic storyline years ago in which it was revealed that Cosmear's dad, Hugbert, owned a pizza parlor called Pizza! Pizza! We Got Pizza!, which was back then less like Chuck E. Cheese's and more like Monotoni's in Tom Batiuk's crisis-of-the-week anthology called Funky Winkerbean. I thought I might as well continue that continuity for this continuing story.

This has got to be one of my favorite groups of strips, just because of how Andy looks dressed up as Ross the Rat (the "Ross" part came from a character from the old cable TV show You Can't Do That on Television). Ross was a tough one to draw, especially since I had to draw him exactly the same way with the same expression on his face for nine straight panels.

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