I started working on this storyline immediately following the end of the Lantern in summer of 1995. This time you can say to hell with size restrictions, to hell with swear words (get it?), and to hell with choking little kids because this time I was going for broke!!!! Ah! Finally, I'm back to working in my original size (yep, I'm wearing some old boxer shorts).

I had the main idea for this storyline back in December 1994. I have always admired the people (normally teenagers) who dressed up as Chuck E. Cheese just to get a weekly paycheck. What a fun job that would be! Playing with kids, dancing around, shaking everybody's hands, wearing a portable sauna, having to bend down and crack your back just to shake some kiddie's disease-infested hand. That's the life for me!

What is even more fascinating is that underneath the cheery Chuck E. Cheese costume is usually a snot-nosed, seedy, more-than-likely paroled punk. You always wondered how a hoodlum like that got to be a kid icon at a pizza parlor.

Sightings in this first installment: a "Weird Al" Yankovic "photo" signed by him to Greg, a Baby Bugs Bunny doll, a Batman action figure, a Beavis doll, a bag of potato chips reading "Chips! Yum!", and a portrait of an old high school acquaintance of mine (also signed to Greg).

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