This is the cover of 1997's annual Dohtem Arts company Christmas card sent out to friends and family, enlarged so that you can easily read the text. Printed in a limited run for Christmas of 1997 by our greeting card division, "Dohtem Greetings," this is the card's first exposure to the public.

Note the reference to the Sing n' Snore Ernie doll from Sesame Street, which as you know was *the* hot toy that year. Also, notice that the "Adam" doll pictured next to the reference is colored orange (and has a round red nose) like Ernie.

The inside of the card was black and white and mainly more text, hence why it is not shown above. The poem, however, continued inside the card, as reprinted below:

I, on the other hand,
was up late that night,
wondering when Jolly
Saint Nick would arrive

I kept trying to stay
awake, but I lost
My nap was so peaceful,
not a turn or a toss

And as I awoke,
I realized that
I must have just missed
Santa (and his fat)

But in my stocking
I found a surprise,
gift certificates
for burgers and fries

The lesson I learned?
I don't know, but I guess:
Just chill out and enjoy
a Merry Christmas!

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