Drawn sometime in mid-March of 1996, this cartoon is one of a batch of strips I made with absolutely no intent to have them published. This sudden urge to bring my characters back to life (after the Lantern's premature death) was fueled by my completion of a three-second animated cartoon involving Greg and Jeremy.

The "Andy Commode" label was a running gag that started back during the Lantern days. In the comics at that time, I just referred to him as "Andy." Well, a few people kept asking me if he was based on anyone that I know personally (because Adam is loosely based on a friend of mine, and Greg is based on....well, shoot, I forget). The sad(?) fact was that Andy was just spawned from my imagination, but I knew a lot of people with that name. So in order to diffuse the queries and to make it clear to my different friends named Andy that Mr. Commode is in no way based on them, I jokingly put a little label in the next comic Andy appeared in. Well, the idea stuck, much like how in his two episodes of The Ren and Stimpy Show, George Liquor's name would appear on the screen as he introduces himself.

Even though this is not his first appearance in the My-Life universe, this comic best demonstrates the kind of dog that Duddly is. Based on my own Old English Sheepdog (right down to the name), Duddly is a somewhat special character. We really have no idea which character "owns" him, but he is normally seen hanging around Adam (since Duddly is a somewhat timid and naive soul, he must think that there's safety in numbers). He never talks (unlike the other My-Life animal characters) other than an occasional bark or yelp, but as one can see with this comic, that doesn't mean he has no personality or feelings.

Sadly, the real Duddly didn't last long enough to see how much he meant to me and the rest of my clan, but his name and spirit live on in Dumville.

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