"A My-Life Christmas" goes on and on...but wait! What's this?? This comic strip has never been published before!!! So, that makes it the first "brand-new" strip drawn exclusively for The My-Life Vault! (well, sort of...)

This comic strip was drawn purposely so that if it wasn't published, it wouldn't affect the overall storyline in any way. Of course, it would have been great if it WAS published, but it was pulled out at the last minute (mainly for space problems, I assume).

Nothing new or different here, just the introduction of Officer O'Migod, who has yet to appear in any My-Life strips after this storyline. I based the design of O'Migod on the "serious" comic strips like Rex Morgan, M.D. and Judge Parker. I still like that first face on him....sigh, oh well. He looks better in my original sketchbook.

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