1993's "A My-Life Christmas" continues with this chapter, published in the Revere High School Lantern on November 17, 1993 (eerie, almost exactly four years before I put it into "The Vault"...ooooo....). In May 1994 (eerie, almost exactly--never mind), this comic strip was re-published in a special Lantern compilation since the storyline won the Lantern's Best Comic of the 1993-1994 Year Award.

Believe it or not, but I have always liked bootlegging. Sure it's downright illegal, but without the wonder known as bootlegging, I wouldn't have had Pulp Fiction in my video collection a year before it was officially released...nor would I have unaired episodes of Ren and Stimpy, racial Looney Tunes cartoons, or "lost" episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Anyway, the idea of Adam getting Greg a bootlegged Christmas gift struck me as an interesting idea.

I'm sorry, but I just love the "surprised-yet-worried" looks on Adam and Greg's faces in the last panel. Also, notice Barney the Dinosaur (shudder) in the background of the first panel.

Now that the cops are "onto" our heroes, what will HAPPEN to them??!! AND, can they possibly prove their innocence????!!!!!

I dunno....I'm outta here. This is Greg Method signing off and heading to the fridge to make a liverwurst sandwich!

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