As I have said before, after finishing "The Case of the Stolen Credit" storyline, I worked on some comic strips that didn't connect to each other. This one, called "You Can't Handle the Truth" (published in the Revere High School Lantern on February 3, 1995), is the second comic of this group of stand-alone strips.

I dunno, but you might call this a "style parody." The comic sort of plays off and satires the styles of the Lantern's other two comic strips (at the time): Eclipse and Elephant Brain.

The reference was very subtle since it was only in one panel. Adam starts to babble about all of the horrible stuff in this world, with his face in the direct center and text behind him. The words making up the scene was almost exactly like in Elephant Brain, while the whole "our society is dooming itself" theme seemed to be reeking out of both Brain and Eclipse.

This isn't making fun of either strip (well, maybe Eclipse since it seemed to be too much like Elephant Brain). Personally, Brain's creator Mark Jaroszewski (I was the only person at the Lantern who could spell that last name correckly) is a fantastic artist (Note: Eclipse was created by Kara Leger, I believe). I really wonder what has happened to him.

Lanterneer Keith McQuown asked me "Do you listen to a lot of U2?" after reading the final panel where Greg says "Sad, but true." I wish I could say that was a deliberate reference.

Actually, this comic strip is the result of continuously listening to the only known copy of "Weird Al" Yankovic's album Me, Myself, and I (and if you get that reference without looking it up somewhere.....then, um, way to go).

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