Here we are! The home stretch! The epic is finally over! Hooray!!! This final chapter of "The Case of the Stolen Credit" was published in the Revere High School Lantern on November 23, 1994.

Remember a while ago when I mentioned that I had originally wanted there to be a contest in the same style as the "Who Shot Mr. Burns" thing on The Simpsons? Well if that would have taken place as I had wanted (see related story in previous entry), then there was only ONE guilty character left from the suspect list! Heck, if the contest had taken place, some people would have been able to figure out it was Jeremy by just looking at the last panel in the preceding strip! So, a part of me is glad that I didn't go ahead with the contest least it helped save the "surprise." In fact, with the exception of myself, only one person knew who the guilty party was going to be...a Lantern staff member named Laura Kepley asked me who it was back when Greg was conked on the see, she was graduating that summer and wouldn't be able to see the finale when it was printed the following fall. Nice to know people care about simple things like comic strips.

With the exception of revealing the identity of the "bad guy" (and, if you can see it when it's scanned, try to notice the caption of "Shazam!" in the background of the first panel), I had no idea how to end the storyline! I spent months and months on it, and I still had no idea where the hell I was going with it! So, in a final desperate attempt, I tried to make the ending as goofy as possible...punctuated with a reference to a then-recent Simpsons Halloween episode (but I didn't want to try imagine what Adam would look like inside-out, so I opted that the fog turns everybody into turkeys...also because Thanksgiving was going to be the day after this comic went to print). And if that wasn't enough, there's even a cameo by Elmer Fudd! (by the way, Elmer's final words are supposed to read as "Corny ending, wasn't it, folks?" but when "Fuddisized," the word "corny" didn't read very well...I still have a hard time trying to figure out how you would pronounce the word "cowny".....I mean, wasn't Cowny Wilson the host of a talk show??)

I guess after spending all that time and energy on this "epic," I just wanted it to end on a light note......kind of like an old Tex Avery cartoon (yeah, I can be compared to Tex Avery!). After all, comic strips are supposed to entertain, right? Um.....RIGHT????? Anyway, this was the last "multi-part" storyline that I did for the Lantern. The last three comic strips (two of which have already been presented in "The Vault") were just quick, easy gags....again ending things on a light note.

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