Well, the ol' "Case of the Stolen Credit" storyline just keeps going and going......as can be seen by this entry, printed in the Revere High School Lantern on October 28, 1994.

Before I drew this comic strip, I was asked by the Lantern's advisor to change the size of my strip, so that it can be more readable when shrunk. Trust me, it didn't help much, but I reluctantly stayed with this size until My-Life ended its three-year run in the Lantern (or rather, until the Lantern ended its run).

The whole storyline was really starting to disinterest me at this point, so I decided to start wrapping it up here....also I started to play around with little details here and there. I have no idea how well the strip will looked when scanned, but try to notice both the Road Runner and The Flash in the second panel. The back wall in the third panel says "Kilroy was here," and the little footnote under the "WHAM" says "Yes, he's indoors." The book Andy is reading is called So, Ya Wanna Grow a Tree? by John Kricfalusi, even though I hope to whatever us atheists pray to that John has never actually written a book about gardening. After I finished the strip (and even after it was already published), I noticed I forgot to finish that panel....if you can see, the "author photo" on the back of Andy's book is just John's head! Not even a bloody neck (which, admittedly, would look cool....a bloody neck)! Oh well, at least my first ever attempt at drawing Shaggy from Scooby-Doo turned out okay....um, didn't it?

I was really trying to get this strip done quickly. Notice Greg's misplaced "shoulder tapping," the somewhat barren-looking panels, and the aforementioned "photo" on Andy's book. Sigh....I guess I just wanted to get the story over with. Nevertheless, I do like some of the expressions the characters have in this one, most notably the various reactions in the first panel.

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