After a summer break, "The Case of the Stolen Credit" picks up right where we left off. This installment was published in the Revere High School Lantern on October 7, 1994.

Apparently, nobody in the comic strip noticed Greg's absence for seven whole months....but hey, it's only a comic strip. I threw in a reference to the O.J. Simpson trial-a-rama, and to the wonderfully imaginative program Full House. At least Adam had nothing to worry about....I mean, I can't just simply DRAW a castration!

I was still experimenting with different pens and inks when I was working on this strip, in an effort to make the strip readable when shrunk, hence the inhumanly thin and light outlines on everything. I was able to master the writing utensil later, though (see "To Ski or Not to Ski").

It looks as though I was already starting my little experiments in "pushing the limit of acceptable material," since Adam mentions castration as a form of torture. Still if I had to decide between that and watching hour after hour of the irritatingly unfunny Bob Saget.....sigh, that would be a tough choice.

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