The epic "The Case of the Stolen Credit" drags on and on with this comic strip that was published in the Revere High School Lantern on March 18, 1994, right below the previous installment.

When I had the idea to do a "cliffhanger," I originally wanted the Lantern to sponser some sort of "Guess Who Did It" contest. Contestants would have to fill out a ballot with their name and address and then on that ballot, they would have to pick a culprit. The suspects on the ballot were going to be Adam, Andy, Jeremy, and Officer Karrots. The idea was we would collect all of the ballots in which the correct culprit was selected, and then do a random drawing of those entries. The prize was going to be something like original comic strip artwork or a limited edition painted My-Life animation-style cel. Alas, other projects both with and away from the Lantern prevented me from mapping out the whole contest idea before this cliffhanger went to print.

The gray of the building behind Greg in the first two panels didn't come up when the comic was published, so the background just looked pitch black. Die-hard comic book fans (aka "nerds," like me) might remember where the "hooded bad guy's" laughter dialogue came from originally (say, if a certain character crushed a canary or something...), but then again they might all be too busy taking a bus to Target to look for a "Slave Leia" action figure.

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