Continuing "The Case of the Stolen Credit" storyline, this comic attempts to answer the question "What if Greg goes to the police for help?" This second chapter was published in the Revere High School Lantern on February 18, 1994, right alongside the first part of the storyline.

Greg's facial expressions go completely goofy in this one, and for some reason I especially like his look of hope in the third panel. The punchline is a tad obscure, but honestly what if you were asked to search for a newspaper strip byline?? Wouldn't YOU suggest shock treatment, or maybe even something much worse (like force someone to watch Blue's Clues)???

The cop's name is Officer Karrots, and he first appeared in a Christmas storyline that immediately preceeded this epic storyline. I based him on a friend of mine named Jason Kariotis, who asked me to put him in the comic strip (See, Al Simmons? Todd McFarlane isn't the only self-centered I-need-to-use-everything-in-real-life-for-my-characters-because-I-do-not-have-a-creative-bone-in-my-body comic writer). There are some prototypical sketches in my notebooks of Officer Karrots that look more like Jason (for an uncompleted storyline), but his design became a little more generic in this tale. Go figure.

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