As you might have noticed, the strips that appear in The My-Life Vault have not been shown in order of publication. After a long and exhausting storyline in My-Life that lasted about nine months, I decided to do a bunch of "single strips" (strips that do not have cliffhangers at the end) for the rest of the comic's last year in the Lantern. This strip, called "The Pet-Grooming Glove," is not only one of those comics from that batch of "single strips," but it is also the last My-Life strip to appear in the Revere High School Lantern, published April 7, 1995.

The premise is based on a product I saw advertised on TV a lot. It's a cloth glove that a person wears, and when they pet their dog or cat with it, the animal's dead hair is "groomed out." Creepy, huh?

This strip was also drawn during the time period in which I wanted to get away with more and more, content-wise, hence why I had a rabbit not unlike Bugs Bunny say, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm freezing, dammit!"

The "balding" character next to Adam is Jeremy Collins, who sadly was not featured very often in the Lantern strips (keep that in mind for the future, folks), but is a major character in the many My-Life strips I drew before and after my Lantern stint. Based on someone I actually knew (the name is the same even though the hair style isn't), Jeremy is a southern hick character, but NOT an incest-obsessed hillbilly that one might find in a certain West version of a state.

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