Above is the very first published My-Life comic strip. Even though most of the characters were created between 1984 and 1986, this little puppy didn't appear in the Revere High School Lantern until September 29, 1992.

In it the strip's two main characters, Adam Jitsun and Greg Method (where DO I come up with these names??), are introduced. Artistically, the overall appearances of the characters have (in my opinion) improved vastly since then. Characteristically, Adam has pretty much stayed the same as a naive innocent soul. The Greg character, on the other hand, was going through something of an identity crisis for the better part of My-Life's first year in print. Although his role as an observing everyman is pretty much the same now, note Greg's "attitude": Using the sloppy non-word "ain't" and slouching (I swear in panel two he looks just like my grandfather). These traits would later shift over into Andy Commode and Greg would become more of a caring character.

If I recall correctly, ideally instead of just the one strip there was to be an initial "story" of four or five strips. There was a rash of locker thefts going around, so the little storyline was hopefully something the students could have related to. However, I ended up doing just the one strip. I think it still works on its own.

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