"If only science had not found a way to revive dead cartoonists and keep them alive, that would be helpful to me and a lot of guys coming up."
La Cucaracha creator Lalo Alcaraz

New My-Life Strip Poll

If all-new "My-Life" strips were to premiere on Dohtem.com, in what frequency would you like to see them? Keep in mind that multi-strip sequential storylines would no doubt be featured. (Note: Daily is NOT an option)

Two strips a week with virtually no breaks in between.
Six strips a week with frequent breaks.

Like the new digs? This is only the beginning, folks!

While we're adding some new additions to this section of the web site, you (yes, you!) can crack open the My-Life Vault to see some of our past adventures!

And YES, all-new strips will be debuting in the fall! We promise this time!

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