Who ARE The José Trio???

The José Trio will soon be seen as The Gama News Team's political commentators, although politics is usually the very last thing they end up discussing. Since they shoot their segments from a local tavern, their surroundings usually serve as a major source of distraction, as does their self-imposed drinking game of taking a sip of beer whenever someone says José's name.

Hailing from the island country of Tamale just off the Florida Keys, the boys offer a unique take on the world around them. Not so much "strangers in a strange land" as "outsiders observing from within," if there is a difference.

José is the ringleader and self-proclaimed smartest of the three, and he usually acts as organizer of the discussions. Amiço is always coming up with ideas and inventions to help make the world a better place, and he often concentrates the most on the topics at hand. Chiwawa Boy represents the paradox of the trio: He's the smartest of the three, but he also drinks the most, so his true intelligence only comes out in short spurts. If any of them is misunderstood, it's "C.B."

More about the characters will be revealed as we get closer to the launch of the series. Until then, Amiço and Chiwawa Boy (José doesn't get into "technology") continue to offer their quasi-monthly look at politics and current events in our recurring feature He Said/He Said.

The José Trio concept, Amiço, and Chiwawa Boy are the exclusive properties of Catra Enterprizes, a Catra-Dohtem, Inc. company.