Volumes 3, 4, 5, 6 Bumper Collection

Original video release: 1995
Warner Home Video UK

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Mark Hamill as The Joker
Loren Lester as Robin

One of many Batman: The Animated Series home videos released exclusively in the United Kingdom (and elsewhere outside of the United States), this "super-video" followed a Catwoman volume and a Man-Bat/Mr. Freeze volume (with the episodes going almost in the exact same order of their US airings, no less)...but instead of just being a single video, this is a "collection" of the next four volumes. These extra-long videos are commonly known in the UK as "bumper" videos.

Out of the eight(!) separate episodes on this video, the Joker appears in "Joker's Favor" (spelled "Favour" since it's a UK release) and "Be a Clown."

The chance that Warner Home Video will release this video (or any of the other UK-released volumes) in the United States seems unlikely, since it was released around the same time the first batch of U.S. Batman videos were released.

For you die-hard Joker fans out there in the U.S. that might want to track down these UK-exclusive videos for your collection, don't forget that UK tapes are in the PAL color format and will not play on American VCR's, making this video a great doorstop.

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