Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

Rated PG
Original video release: Summer, 1994
Warner Home Video/Warner Bros. Family Entertainment #15500
(also available in widescreen on laserdisc and DVD)
Color, 77 minutes

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Mark Hamill as The Joker
Dana Delany as Andrea Beaumont

Story by
Alan Burnett

Screenplay by
Alan Burnett
Paul Dini
Martin Pasko
Michael Reaves

Edited by
Al Breitenbach

Casting and Voice Supervision by
Andrea Romano

Music by
Shirley Walker

Sequences Directed by
Kevin Altieri
Boyd Kirkland
Frank Paur
Dan Riba

Co-Produced by
Alan Burnett
Eric Radomski
Bruce W. Timm

Executive Producer
Tom Ruegger

Produced by
Benjamin Melniker
Michael Uslan

Directed by
Eric Radomski
Bruce W. Timm

Spawned from the animated series and hailed by critics and fans alike as the best Batman movie of all time, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm sheds new light on Bruce Wayne's past just before donning the cape and cowl for the first time.

It seems as though Gotham City mobsters are being murdered one by one, and Batman is to blame! But just as Batman starts putting the pieces together to this bizarre mystery, a past love ironically returns to Gotham City.

And let's not forget about the Joker's part in the film, but that's covered in the Batman: The Animated Series guide!

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