Batman (1989)

Rated PG-13
Original video release: Fall, 1989
Widescreen video release: 1998
Warner Home Video #12000
(also available on 8mm, Spanish-dubbed VHS, and in widescreen on both laserdisc and DVD)
Color, 126 minutes

Jack Nicholson as The Joker
Michael Keaton as Batman
Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale

Edited by
Ray Lovejoy

Production Designed by
Anton Furst

Music Score by
Danny Elfman

Songs by

Executive Producers
Benjamin Melniker
Michael Uslan

Co-Produced by
Chris Kenny

Story by
Sam Hamm

Screenplay by
Sam Hamm
Warren Skaaren

Produced by
Jon Peters
Peter Guber

Directed by
Tim Burton

Not only being the best of the four (so far) Warner Bros.-produced, live action Batman movies (whew...THAT was a mouthful), Batman has been considered by many to be the definitive comic book-based movie of all time. Jack Nicholson steals the show as the twisted Jack Napier, who later becomes The Joker! Unlike Joel "I'm proud to have put nipples on the costumes" Schumacher, Tim Burton wonderfully captures the Joker's persona as a demented "artist" rather than a "criminal."

Also, writers Sam Hamm and Warren Skaaren add a new element to the Batman/Joker relationship, making Batman's desire to defeat the Joker more personal. In this big screen adaptation, it is revealed that the Joker was the one who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents all those years ago!

Breaking records of all kinds when it was released in theaters in the summer of 1989 (and, only until recently, being one of the top ten highest grossing films of all time), Batman has been hailed as "the movie of the decade," "a masterpiece," and "exceptional entertainment," among other raves. No comic book, Batman, or (especially) Joker fan should be without it in their video collection!

Check out these rave reviews! Although it would be great to include every Internet review of this film here, some close-minded reviews have been left off this list, mainly because it sounded like the reviewer(s) had personal reasons to hate the movie or just didn't like Tim Burton in general (that sounds fair for a movie review, huh?).
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