Batman: The Movie (1966)

Original video release: 1985
Re-release: Summer, 1989
Re-release: October, 2001
(also available on DVD)
Twentieth Century Fox Video #1470-80

Adam West as Batman
Burt Ward as Robin
Caeser Romero as The Joker
Frank Gorshin as The Riddler
Burgess Meredith as The Penguin
Lee Meriwether as The Catwoman

Released theatrically between the first and second seasons of the ABC Batman TV show (and re-released onto home video, "ironically," during the summer of 1989...a few months before the Tim Burton film was on video), this movie is nothing more than a longer episode but with four times the usual number of villains.

I really wish the Joker wasn't a part of this, but sadly he is...and so help me god he even feels that for a few scenes, he should wear a mask over his eyes like the Riddler! Sorry, Joker, but the green hair and white face kinda give you away.

Guess who?
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UK Video Cover

above: United Kingdom video box

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