You wanna get nuts?!

He was nothing more than a pathetic comedian. He could barely get a job at local night clubs. But, he had to keep trying...for her.

He was married, and the couple were only weeks away from having their first baby. He knew that he had to find some way to support his wife and child, so he did what he thought he would never do...turn to crime.

He met up with two little-known criminals who had an idea on how to keep his identity a secret. He was to wear the headpiece of the criminal known as the Red Hood, who was currently locked up in the state pen.

The heist was all set. The "Red Hood" was to lead the criminals through the catwalks of a chemical plant to the next-door Monarch Playing Card company. Since he was a former employee of the chemical plant, he knew that the security was minimal enough to get through without notice.

Sadly, tragedy struck at the worst possible moment. He was informed that while testing a baby bottle warmer, his wife was accidentally electrocuted and died.

An utter nervous wreck, he felt that the upcoming robbery wasn't worth it anymore, but he was persuaded otherwise by his "partners."

The night of the heist. Apparently, the security was improved upon since he worked there. His "buddies" were both killed while trading bullets with the plant's security guards. The man in the red hood just wanted to get away. He just wanted to forget the whole idea. He just wanted to go home, but then...

The Batman swooped down from the seemingly empty sky and approached him. He needed to escape...he needed to get away from this demon that was approaching him, and there was only one way out.

He landed in the giant vat of unknown chemicals and slipped into darkness. He sank down and through the various pipes that washed into the river. The current of the river carried him miles away.

When he finally awoke, his face felt as if it was on fire. He couldn't stand the irritation...he needed to get that blasted hood off his head. As soon as he looked at his reflection in a puddle from the river, the remaining traces of his sanity slipped away...and from that day on, the entire world has been his joke.

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