Cheers, Gotham!

He started off as a lowly lab worker who wanted to make some quick money. He designed a special steel mask that hid his features and became the criminal mastermind known as the Red Hood!

His primary goal was to make one million dollars and then retire from his life of crime. But on the night of his very last caper, the Red Hood met Gotham City's avenger, the Batman!

Scared out of his wits and wanting to escape, the Red Hood made a desperate leap into a large vat of various toxic chemicals, hoping that he will be able to stay underwater long enough for the waste to wash out into the river.

When the Red Hood regained consciousness from his narrow escape, his first instinct was to remove the red hood from his head. When he finally looked in the mirror, he saw what the chemicals had done to him...what he had become.

Using his new look to strike terror into the hearts of citizens, the man known as the Red Hood took on a new guise...that of the Joker!

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