Time for me to do my Luke Skywalker impression!

Jack Napier started off as a lowly thug for Gotham mobster Sal Vallestro. He was nothing more than a hired gun.

As Jack slowly drifted from organized crime, and his sanity started to slowly drift as well, he turned to petty theft. It was that same petty theft that led Jack to the Monarch Playing Card company one dark night. It was going to be nothing more than a simple robbery. Until...the Batman showed up.

Fleeing for his life, Jack ran across the catwalks to the chemical plant next door and, in a final desperate attempt to escape, leapt into a huge vat of chemicals.

When he emerged from the vat, his skin had been bleached chalk white, his hair had turned green, and his mouth was pulled into a hideously permanent red smile. From that day forward, Jack would turn the world into the same joke that the world had turned him into. From that day forward, Jack Napier was no more...he had become the Joker!

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