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SEASON FIVE (1997-1998)

Holiday Knights - September 13, 1997
Written by Paul Dini; Directed by Dan Riba

The Joker appears in the last segment of this broken-up episode, as he once again threatens to do away with all Gotham City by means of a sonic the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve!

Comments: An overall well-done episode, particularly the last scene between Batman and Commissioner Gordon...but how about that new extra-evil look on the Joker? Yikes!!

World's Finest (Parts 1-3) - October 4, 1997
Written by Stan Berkowitz, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Rich Fogel, and Steve Gerber; Directed by Toshihiko Masuda

The Joker teams up with Lex Luthor because the Joker has the means to finally do away with Superman! Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne becomes involved with Lois Lane (well, at least if they marry, Lois' name won't change THAT much), making Clark Kent jealous. If that's not enough, Bats and Supes don't exactly see eye-to-eye as far as crimefighting goes (harkening back to the old "Frank Miller rivalry" between the two). Will Batman find the Joker before he's able to kill Superman? And furthermore, how will Lois Lane react when she finds out Bruce Wayne's secret identity?!

Comments: Remind me again why Paul Dini and Bruce Timm aren't in charge of the live-action DC movies? The Joker is handled quite well as a threat to Superman (much better than he was in Superman issue #9), and let's not forget about the catfight between Harley and Lex's henchwench Mercy. And as far as the tension between Batman and Superman's first meeting....well, let's just say this ain't no Superfriends episode!

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Joker's Millions - February 21, 1998
Written by Paul Dini; Directed by Dan Riba

The Joker inherits a seemingly large amount of money from a mob boss and immediately spends his "earnings" left and right, including joining the Penguin's exclusive night spot and hiring a new girl to replace Harley!

Comments: Just your average generic, but fun, Joker episode. The fact that the Joker would even bother to choose a replacement for Harley proves that even though Harley is completely devoted and in love with the Joker, it's not exactly a two-way street....which once again brings up the unhealthy side of their relationship.

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