Why you little upstart!!

SEASON THREE (1994-1995)

Make 'Em Laugh - November 5, 1994
Written by Paul Dini and Randy Rogel; Directed by Boyd Kirkland

The Joker kidnaps prominent Gotham City comedians and turns them into criminals...just so the Joker can win a talent show without competition!

Comments: Not exactly the best or even the most imaginative Joker story, the costumed comedians provide the most interest and laughs. Also the ending is about as slow as a crawling worm. Even after the Joker is taken away by the police, one still has the feeling as if something else should be happening (a lot of Batman episodes, such as "The Lion and the Unicorn" and "Off Balance," end on this odd kind of note).

Video: The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Joker's Return (UK)

No new Joker episodes during SEASON FOUR (1995-1996)

No new episodes at all during the 1996-1997 television season, as the production team was working on the first season of "SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES"

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