SEASON TWO (1993-1994)

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - December 25, 1993 (theatrical release)

The Joker doesn't appear until about half of the movie is over, as he is hired to take care of Batman once and for all ("What do I look like? Pest control?"). The Joker also learns the identity of the Phantasm before Batman does, as the three clash at an abandoned futuristic amusement park for a final showdown.

Comments: The animated Joker at his wildest! The scene in which the Joker is hiding in the model of Gotham City is great enough, but that's soon followed by a bloody, beautifully-animated fight to the finish! And any movie in which the Joker beats up someone with a stick of bologna is okay in my book!

Video: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Trial - May 16, 1994
Story by Paul Dini and Bruce W. Timm; Teleplay by Paul Dini; Directed by Dan Riba

The inmates at Arkham Asylum have broken out of their cells and have taken control of the prison. Meanwhile, Batman is captured and must stand trial, defending the claim that he is the reason any of Gotham's master criminals even exist. And guess who the judge is...

Comments: This idea was originally what the first animated movie was going to be about, but it works better at this quicker, twenty-two minute pace. The Joker once again has some of the best lines in this episode ("Record? Is someone suppose to be writing this down?" "B-b-bat's all folks!" "Here comes the judge!").

Harlequinade - May 23, 1994
Written by Paul Dini; Directed by Kevin Altieri

Batman needs Harley's help (in exchange for an early release for Miss Quinn) to find the Joker, who is preparing to bomb Gotham City. Features a wonderfully weird musical number by Harley.

Comments: Even though this episode is another great Harley showcase (and another look at the somewhat "abusive" relationship the Joker and Harley share), the Joker does have a great opening scene in which he bids on his prize weapon.

Video: The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Joker's Return (UK)

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