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July, 2006
The Anti-War Movement

Amiço and Chiwawa Boy

Hey Amiço, do you think the anti-war movement is dead?


I was reading something about how the anti-war movement against the war in Iraq has died.

Why do some think that?

Well, I think it has to do with the fact that there's really nothing bringing it all together.

What do you mean?

You know, like no one voice or person.

I think Bush has done a great job at bringing the anti-war movement together, don't you?

But that's different. Anti-anything movements are always going to have the one big bad guy to direct their anger at.

You mean like how during Vietnam people were singling out Johnson and then Nixon?

Si, exactly. Bush is a scumbag, no question, and he started this whole mess, but I wouldn't say he's been the one thing to make anti-war people connect with each other. He's not a symbol.

That would give him way too much credit.

If anything, the anti-war movement is lucky that the guy who started the current crisis just happens to also be a tactless lunkhead.

Well then, I guess I don't get what you mean, Chiwawa Boy.

Okay, here's an easy example. The civil rights movement had people like Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King...people who symbolized what the movement stood for and wanted.

Ah, so where are the Rosa Parks and Dr. Kings of the anti-war movement?

Si! And really, not just the anti-war movement. Where are the leaders in the gay rights movement? Or the immigration movement??

I think I see what you're saying. Without these leaders, these movements sometimes just seem like these big blobs of commotion.

It's like, what would happened to the Justice League without Superman?



Batman would lead the Justice League. Or Wonder Woman.

Look, that's not the point.

For a while there, Martian Manhunter even lead the League.

Okay! Bad example! Let's drop it!

Well, it was your analogy.

The point is that these movements have no direction, no leader, no guiding light.

What about Cindy Sheehan?

Well...I like her, and she's got mucho guts and determination, but I don't think she's really energized the anti-war crowd as much as folks would have one believe.

How can you say that? Look at all the demonstrations and rallies that have happened because of her inspiration!

Si, but there's never been any one goal at these rallies.

What do you mean?

Well, at one people are protesting Bush's addiction to oil. At another people are protesting the death toll. At another people are protesting Cheney's ties with Halliburton. At another it's the lack of WMDs. At another it's the lack of body armor, etc., etc., etc.

Aren't those all worthwhile things to demonstrate against?

Si, but if they're all being targeted at once, then it just seems like a random mess and not an actual organized movement. They need a solid, singular platform.

Like what?

I don't know. I think the problem is that Americans are by nature self-centered, and really nobody has any personal stake in the Iraq war.

I don't understand.

Well, during the Vietnam War people came together because the draft was still in effect. People had a personal stake in protesting, especially the young people. Their lives were literally on the line.

Wait a sec...are you saying the government should reopen the draft just so people have something tangible to protest??

No, no, no! Well, maybe...I mean no! But young people need a reason to care about how this war is being managed.

So your rationale is that if there was a chance that they too could be blown to smithereens or beheaded in front of a webcam that they would be more vocal and outraged about the war?

Si! What do you think?

I think that's pretty sick, C.B.

C'mon, Amiço, don't pretend for a second to be naive enough to think that they're not already considering reopening the draft.


Recruitment is at an all-time low. Reserves and National Guard troops are being sent overseas...reserves, for cryin' out loud! The National Guard! These are people that are supposed to stay here to guard the homefront during times of war and national crisis! Of course they're keeping the draft on the table as an option.

That's just conspiracy talk.

Is it?? Then why do they still issue out draft cards to people?

Well, that's because...um...hey, you're right! What the hell are those things for now?!?

Wouldn't it make sense that if the government was really serious about doing away with the draft that they would stop issuing out draft numbers and cards?

Hmm, they do seem to be somewhat pointless now. People already have Social Security cards and driver's licenses for identification.

You see?

But come on, Chiwawa Boy, do you know the stink people would raise as soon as someone in the administration even hints at the notion of the draft coming back??

Si! That's why I brought it up!

Well, I see your point clearly now, but still...there's got to be some other way. It shouldn't have to come down to threatening to kill people. There's already been too much needless bloodshed over this insipid war.

I agree completely, but the anti-war movement needs something. They need something to mobilize them like never before. They're just treading water otherwise.

Has it really been three years already since the war started?

Si, and with what progress? The country is in chaos, for every guy of theirs we kill they kill dozens of both our troops and Iraqi civilians, extremists with ties to Iran get "voted" into power, and we're not any safer than we were before!

Not to mention the fact that Osama bin Laden is still roaming free!

Yeah really, the Middle East isn't that big, everyone. He'd have to be Peter Sellers in order to hide away this long.

Why isn't that pissing off more people? That instead of seriously hunting down the mastermind behind the largest terrorist attack on American soil, we instead let him get away and invaded a sovereign nation that didn't pose a threat whatsoever!

Because many people have convinced themselves into thinking that it's all one and the same and that as long as we're slaughtering any brown people in northern Africa, then it must also be the right brown people.

And that doesn't piss people off, either?!?

Like I said, there's no self-interest in that.

I would hope that our compromised national security would be in the interest of any rational person in this country, especially after September 11.

Let's hope enough people are pissed off in November to help set things right, because as long as Bush and his lackeys on the right are in power, this war will go on indefinitely.

Jesus, we'll run out of soldiers!

Let's hope we run out of Bushes before that.


So, when did Martian Manhunter take over the Justice League?

Sigh, I'll tell you later.

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