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July, 2001

Amiço and Chiwawa Boy

Hola. This month, Chiwawa Boy and I will be discussing the pro's and cons of music.

Why are we doing that?

Because one of the Backstreet Boys has a booze problem.


Well, I guess that means we have the debate the merits of the music industry.

That's kind of a vague connection, isn't it?

Hey look, I don't come up with this stuff. I just get this little card in the mail that says "July - Music - Backstreet Boy will be an alcoholic by then."

Do we have to talk about the alcohol?

I don't think so.

Can we have some, then?

Way ahead you on that one, C.B.

I don't like a lot of modern music anyway.

Do you want to be "con," then?

What? I don't wanna be a con man. Remember that stupid Dana Carvey movie? No thank you!

No, I mean your position. We're doing a "pro/con" thing.

Ohhh. Then si. I'll con you.

Um...all right, then I'll be "pro." Ready?


Okay, one "pro" about music is....um....Madonna. After twenty years she's more popular then ever.

Con. She sounds like she should be weeping on a soap opera.


And since when did she get an English accent? Isn't she Italian?

Um....Pro, we now have many more music styles to choose from, such as latin music.

Con, you mean the same genre that gave us Menudo, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer "Look at my ass" Lopez?

Okay, bad example. Ah, but Pro, the rap industry has given hope to many that one day even the smallest kid in the crowd can become a talented superstar.

Con, or they'll become Vanilla Ice, "P. Diddy," and Lil' Kim.

Sigh....Pro, pop music. Period.

Con, all Smash Mouth songs sound alike.


And so do all Barenaked Ladies songs.

Hey! That's not fair! You know the rules, no making fun of Barenaked Ladies. I promised I wouldn't make fun of Weird Al!

Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Pro...

Hey! I'm doing "Pro!"

Then fine! Get on with it!

PRO, New Age Music!

CON, "Wendy" Carlos!

PRO! Phil Collins!

CON! That crappy Tarzan song!

Michael Jackson!

Freakin' pedofile!

What? You assface!


I'm not doing this anymore with you!




I'm sorry.

Me too.



Does this mean we have to talk about the Backstreet Boys?

No way! They suck.

Si. They suck.

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