Our recurring feature in which Gama News political experts Amiço and Chiwawa Boy of The José Trio discuss and debate each other on current world news and events

May, 2002

Amiço and Chiwawa Boy


Chiwawa Boy! It's been a....hee hee....dog's age!

What does that mean?

I don't know! So C.B., what do you think about cloning?

That movie rocked!

What movie??

You know, that clone movie.

Um.....which one??

That new one with Jango Fett and Christopher Lee.

Do you mean the new Star Wars movie?

Si! Si! That movie kicked arse!

How do you know? It won't be out for another week.

You told me we were going to discuss cloning, right?

Si. So?

Well, I downloaded the movie from that Ain't It Cool web site.

Ewww....you went there on purpose??

I wanted to be prepared.

So, you liked it, huh?

Si, si! Mace Windu turned out to be gay!

Chiwawa Boy! You can't reveal anything about the movie! You'll spoil it for everyone.

Bull! If the people reading this web site would buy some of the fine products at the store section, then I wouldn't have to sell Episode II secrets to Kevin Smith.

Chiwawa Boy...that's like selling your soul to Satan.

There's a difference?

So, do you think cloning humans is now possible in real life?

I don't just think....I know!

Huh? How?

After I saw Episode II, I was inspired to help the scientific cloning community.

Uh oh.

So I volunteered myself to be the first human cloning guinea pig.

They're cloning guinea pigs?

And you know what, they haven't once paid me for my services!

Well, that's what volunteering is....

Yeah, really, you spaz!

You're right. I'm sorry.


You should stop picking on him.

Oh, don't you get on my back now!

He gave his soul up for you, and you repay him back by harassing him at every turn??

Aw, he doesn't mind.

Actually, it does bother me a little.

Who asked you?!

You guys already took my bedroom. I've been reduced to sleeping in my kitchen.

But I take care of the house during the day.

Si, and I've been working on your car.

Hey, we're home!

Did you get the groceries?

Si, thank Allah for Sam's Club.

Where else can you get a gross of graham crackers for $1.99?

You bought graham crackers?

He also picked up Slim Jims.

You weren't supposed to tell!

Aw, now you know how much I hate leaving food around the house that nobody will ever eat.

Did you say Slim Jims?

Hi Steve.

Besides, I was allowed to buy Slim Jims if she was able to get a thirty-pack of Butterfingers.

I told you. I'm pregnant and I have cravings!

Well, whose fault is that??

Yours! I told you we shouldn't have experimented!

What? Technically, it isn't incest!

Stop it! Stop it! You're always picking on her!!

He's just in a mood today. He was always starting on Chiwawa Boy.

Don't make excuses for me!

Stop yelling at me!

HEY!!! Some of us are trying to sleep up here!!!

What the hell's going on over there?

That's what I was trying to tell you, Amiço. I had myself cloned. Say hola to Amiço, everybody!












Hi Steve.



Kiss off!


Well look, Amiço. I'd love to stay and chat some more, but we all have to go to the costumer shop.



We're all going to see Episode II at the theater next week!

Si! I'm going as Jango!

I call Boba!




I'm Count Dookula!






Oh! Oh! R2D2!

That blue piano playing guy!


I'll be Zam Wesell! That guy looks so cool!

Clone Trooper here!

That six-armed Dexter guy we couldn't find on the 23rd!

I like Star Wars!

I'll pick up an Emperor costume for him.

Well....one of us is going to have to be Anakin...

Who's left?

Sorry, Chiwawa Boy.


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