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March, 2007
Anna Nicole

Amiço and Chiwawa Boy

Amiço, did you hear? Did you hear??

Hear what?

They finally found out what killed Anna Nicole Smith.

Oh. Was it drugs?

No, it was dru--hey, how did you know already?

Chiwawa Boy, for the last week or so all anyone has talked about is Anna Nicole Smith and what killed her.

Oh. Well, news travels quickly.

It's not news! An addict dying of an overdose is NOT news!

Sure it is. She was a famous person. Her death would be news.

But why is it the only news?? Are you telling me with a war still going on, mysterious federal attorney firings, an upcoming presidential election, and tainted dog food that the one thing that should stop the presses and put everything else on the back burner is some enhanced former centerfold drugging herself to death?

C'mon on, Amiço, her son just died....


Sigh, touche. But still, so she isn't allowed to be depressed?

C.B., she had five different sedatives and relaxants in her system, including Valium and one to stop epileptic seizures. She had also taken Benadryl and Topamax. That isn't treating depression, that's forcing a coma. This was someone who wanted to be lulled into a state of absolute immobility.

What are you saying, that she committed suicide?

No, no, I just think she wanted to numb herself to the outside world and didn't know what the hell she was doing.

But why? Why would she overdo it just to feel better?

Well, the doctors on the news said that she had developed a tolerance to all of the crap she had taken, so clearly she was a pro at medicating herself.

Or a pro at making herself feel better, you think?

Si. I mean, this was a person who overdid everything just because it made her feel good...food, booze, shopping. Little white pills were just the next thing for her to be hooked on.

Amiço, aren't we being just a tad cynical?

No, she was an addict who wouldn't help herself. You saw her old reality show. She was always surrounded by sycophantic sidekicks who should have been looking out for her, but instead just let her self-destruct.

How Marilyn Monroe-ish.

Oh, don't you even begin to compare the two....


Marilyn had bags of talent. Anna Nicole just had bags of silicone!

Oh come on! Skyscraper had its moments!

Are you nuts??

Que?! You didn't like Skyscraper??

C.B., it was a soft-core Die Hard rip-off.

No it wasn't! It was an action movie with select integral scenes used for minor titillation.

Integral? None of the sex scenes had anything to do with the plot, and the one that was loosely shoehorned into the storyline was an uncomfortable rape scene.

And I still say that Anna Nicole Smith handled that better than on Marilyn's best day.

You're loco.

I am not!

You're seriously comparing the rape scene in Skyscraper with Some Like It Hot, The Seven Year Itch, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes??

Huh? Some Like It Hot? Marilyn wasn't in that.

Yes, she was!


Si! Marilyn Monroe is a woman.

No, that's just a naked costume he wears in videos!


Really? The murderer??


Amiço, are you still there?


Oh well, I always liked Butch Patrick better anyway.

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