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March, 2003

Amiço and Chiwawa Boy

Well, Chiwawa Boy. The war has begun.

No, it couldn't have! Not now! I just bought 400 of those shirts we were selling!

Why 400?

I just wanted to own a shirt with my face on it.

Well, it was all for not. We're at war.

I like what that old lady said on CNN, "This isn't a war, this is an invasion! A massacre! Only until King Bush is out of Washington will the country belong to the people again!"

Way to go, old lady! Speaking of CNN, who was that woman at the White House that was dressed like Two-Face?

I dunno...I'm still trying to figure out why they keep reairing footage of the attacks. How sick is that?

Must be in case someone missed it. "Aw shoot! I really wanted to see a cloud of orange smoke against a black sky!"

Isn't CNN going to air them now as a show called Iraq's Greatest Hits?

At least the homeland struggle isn't over. People are still protesting this charade.

I am, too! I burned my draft card!

You did NOT.

Si! Amiço, it is our responsibility as U.S. citizens to take such actions in protest!

Chiwawa Boy, neither of us are citizens yet! You don't have a draft card!

Then what did I.....ahh! My Replay card!!!

I just can't stand the people that are for the war.

Because they are listening to a mental case?

No. Because they think that if someone else is against the war, then they must be anti-America, and that's just bullshit!

Oh...si. Or that we're not supporting the troops.

Si! What kind of asinine connection is that?? I don't think there's ANYONE in this country that doesn't support the people fighting over there. It's the action that we're against! People and actions are two different things.

We all want to see them come home safely.

I have amigos who are spouses of people in the military. They're scared for their loved ones. Shit, there's people younger than you and I fighting over there! What kind of coldhearted asshole would think someone here wouldn't want everyone over there to be safe??

Si, everyone supports the troops....the idiot who sent them there, however....

The armed forces are just being misdirected, like Madonna in most of her movies.

What I think I hate more than this attack is that Bush really seems to think that he's fooling everyone into thinking that this is a good thing.

He's too busy 69ing with his padre to listen to anyone in this country.

I mean, I know he comes from Texas, but how dumb does he think we all are?? This war isn't about terrorism, it isn't about 9/11, it's about two things: Hurting the guy that upset his "daddy," and getting oil. That's it. Any other reason is a lie, and he knows it. That's why he'll only address the nation in secluded speeches. He wouldn't last five minutes in an open discussion about all this.

Like the thing Hussein proposed?

Si! If I may paraphrase Michael Moore, how bad do you gotta come off when Saddam Hussein is making more sense than you??

How many troops have been killed so far? Nineteen already? This has only been going on, what, 36 hours??

I think so...and yet, when the smoke all clears, who's going to be applauded? The redneck who gave the order, or the kids who died because they were just following orders that didn't make sense in the first place?

Man....this is seeming more and more like Vietnam.

It sure does...especially when you consider that Bush Sr. got "junior" our of active duty when that war started!

It ain't me...it ain't me....I ain't no fortunate one.

Oh...from that jeans commercial!

This whole thing is just sick. We've seen no evidence of any real reason to invade Iraq. What, because Hussein's a bad guy? Because the U.N. isn't giving the answers Bush wants? Well then, let's go in and kill people left and right?

Isn't this called "Operation Iraqi Freedom?" Since when did genocide become a synonym of freedom?

And where is Bush right now? Hiding at Camp David, the dickless son of a bitch.

For someone who vows that the country will not give in to "terrah," he sure does run like hell when he pulls crap like this!

I am so glad that there are still so many intelligent people left in America. Because when this invasion is over and done with, we all won't be caught with our pants down when the next 9/11 happens, Allah forbid of course.

Still doing that Muslim thing?

Well, our newsletter subscription ends in June. I just want to get the most information from it for my dollar.

José's already moved to Buddhism.

This isn't a war. This isn't even a response. And this most certainly isn't heroic.

If Iraq really wants our "help" for freedom, then how come they were even bothering to fight back in the first place? You don't think the U.S. troops would take Iraqis under asylum if they said, "We don't want to fight you! We want you here! Help us!"?

You notice Bush keeps saying "freedom" and not "democracy?"

Why would he? It isn't used here!

So, what will the outcome of this thing be? Hussein's already blowing up his oil, America will be divided in such a way that hasn't been seen since perhaps the '60s, and the United Nations will no doubt seriously reconsider any further interaction with this country.

It's amazing. The U.N. was set up following a world war, and has now been usurped for one man's war.

Remember the Tamale-Somalian War back home in '86? That was one man's war...then again, our military only had one guy....

Si. That was tough to get out of it...our whole country's the size of a Disney Store!

But with nicer clothes.

I think the big confusion with the pro-war people is that they think those protesting the war are against war in general, and in most cases that's probably not true. We're just against this war, because there's no real reason behind it. It's just a waste of lives, of MONEY, and of American pride.

I think if these protests are doing anything, they're showing Bushcrabs that you can't bully or frighten people into supporting something they know is wrong.

Now that's terrorism!

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