Our recurring feature in which Gama News political experts Amiço and Chiwawa Boy of The José Trio discuss and debate each other on current world news and events

February, 2001

Amiço and Chiwawa Boy

Hey Chiwawa Boy!

Amiço! What are we supposed to be talking about?


Have you been there lately? I downloaded this one song off there called "I Just Smoked Some Pot And Now I'm Gonna Seduce My Pet Gorilla." That Weird Al guy is funny.

I think we're supposed to be talkin' about Napster and the problems it's been causing for the music industry.

How did that whole thing start, anyway?

Some guy was offering Metallica songs off there or something and the band got ticked off about it.

Metallica's cool. Did you check out their website yet?


Oh, it's so cool They have this Flash animation game on there that let's you dress up James Hetfield in Barbie doll outfits.

Aw cool. I gotta check that out. You know what website I like? The one with all the hamsters that dance.


Hee hee. I once left it on for a few hours when I went to the store. It drove José up the wall.

Ever go to that one site that lets you type like The Swedish Chef?

Every time I go there it keeps telling me I need some kind of program to run the translator.

I can show you how to get around that later when we get home from work.


Um...what were we talking about?

Going out after work.

Ah, si....si. Wanna go to the bar?

Sounds good.

Cool. Are we done here?

Si. Let's go. I'll buy you a beer.


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