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March 16, 2018

A Look at I Love Tweety Now Up


Not a normal news update, but we wanted to officially announce a new page to our site, something that's been in the works for a while now.

Tweet Teriyaki is a look at one of the curiouser Looney Tunes video releases this century, the trio of I Love Tweety collections made available only in Japan. You'll come across a brief history of the video line, screen grabs of cartoons not yet issued on disc over here in the United States, and (something that's often been asked for) comparison shots of cartoons eventually released in the Golden Collection series. It's practically everything one ever wanted to know about the I Love Tweety series.


March 8, 2018

Jerry Beck on Stu's Show March 21

The latest home video news!

And heeeeere we go! On Wednesday, March 21, Stu's Show, the online series hosted by cartoon/pop culture/television nut Stu Shostak, will again welcome to its studio Jerry Beck. As is the norm, the episode will be a video/audio simulcast, so you will be able to either listen or watch it live. The show will air at 7PM EST and is available as a free stream for those who tune in live (afterward, fans can purchase a "rerun" of the episode online). Information on the various ways to access the show can be found on its web site:

In addition to his recap of both the Annies and the Oscars, Jerry will be looking ahead at the year in animation, from upcoming movies and television series to (hopefully) any home video news. To take advantage of the video feed, Jerry will bring a few classic cartoons to show and offer comments on. Ideally this will be a far more entertaining interview than in December, when both Jerry and Stu were somewhat condescending over concerns fans had with Warner Archive's mediocre Porky Pig 101 collection.

As always, please keep in mind that Jerry only works as a consultant for Warner Home Video (and other labels) on select projects. He does not have final say on programming or release matters; he can only try to comment on situations as best as he can...and even then, he is sometimes contractually required to not say anything about certain upcoming releases. The information he gives is never meant to be inferred as any sort of official statement from a studio and that they can and do change plans on a whim without telling him. Anything Jerry is authorized to reveal will be said during the show.

You can send questions via the web site linked above, and Stu may or may not read them to Jerry during the show. And of course, as we say every since time Jerry appears, do NOT bug the show with "When will this cartoon or show come out on DVD?" questions. Again, anything video-related that Jerry's allowed to reveal will come up during the show.

We will be posting live news updates as the episode airs on our Facebook page. If there is any major DVD or Blu-ray news announced, we will of course report it here after the show. Regardless, do plan to watch or listen to the episode yourself!

Mark your calendar! Jerry Beck is coming to Stu's Show March 21!

January 16, 2018

Let Loose Triple Feature Now In Stores

Older miscellaneous DVDs collected; all repeats

Let Loose Cover It's the day absolutely nobody was waiting for! While any collector-minded Looney Tunes slowly migrate over to the Warner Archive, today Warner Home Video proper followed their usual appeal to the big-box masses and released the Let Loose Triple Feature three-pack on DVD. Collection discs from various older Looney Tunes-related titles, the three-disc set is now available in stores and online.

The set collects the older releases Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run, Tweety's High-Flying Adventure, and the first disc from Taz-Mania: Taz on the Loose. After last year's release of Porky Pig 101 from Warner Archive and the subsequent controversy over its scattershot quality control, it seems almost refreshingly quaint that we can ignore yet another slapdash repackaging of titles that were more peripheral of the main Looney Tunes library in the first place.

Again, this set only contains the first disc of the two-disc Taz on the Loose, so it will only have the following Taz-Mania episodes....

Like Father, Like Son/Frights of Passage
The Dog the Turtle Story
War & Pieces/Airbourne Airhead
Battling Bushrats/Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
A Devil of a Job
Woeful Wolf
It's No Picnic/Kee-Wee ala King

There is no classic material contained on any of the three discs, while the only shorts featured at all are the four recent CGI cartoons used as special features on : Coyote Falls, Fur of Flying, Rabid Rider, and I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat. And merely for the sake of listing all of the bonuses, that disc also contains the Looney Tunes Show episode "Best Friends."

Obviously, there's little reason to hunt down this release, especially since Rabbits Run has already been collected elsewhere and the complete two-disc Taz on the Loose is regularly seen in dump bins at bargain stores like Big Lots. This is strictly meant to be an impulse buy for parents at Walmart and Target.

And for some quick housekeeping news. As is the norm we'll likely be creating a 2017 news archive in the near future and will be moving last year's news articles to such a page. Also, we're knee-deep in a major update to a main section of the site, so expect news on that hopefully soon. And of course, we'll be updating our Wideo Wabbit history section to include last year's release of Porky Pig 101 and the surrounding kerfluffle. God help us.

Until then, Looney Tunes Let Loose Triple Feature is now in stores on DVD only and retails for $18.94. Order it now on Amazon.

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