Believe it or not, Porky Pig started out as half of the comedy team Porky and Beans. But Beans faded into obscurity and Porky Pig stuttered his way to stardom (with the hilarious help of voice man Mel Blanc).

The Warner Bros. cartoon staff soon discovered that Porky Pig wasnt so much an actor as a reactor, so they designed cartoons that paired him with other characters (like Daffy Duck) or put him into situations where hed respond to the craziness around him (as when he goes in search of the Do-Do Bird).

Porky Pig reached his peak, however, playing himself in You Ought to Be in Pictures. As a cartoon star under contract to Warner Bros., hes goaded by rival Daffy Duck to ask for more money—and then walk out on his contract to try his luck in feature films. This delightful film combines live-action and animation as Porky Pig goes behind the scenes in Hollywood. It even features real-life Warner cartoon producer Leon Schlesinger!

Whether hes being hounded by Charlie Dog in Often an Orphan, getting pixified by leprechauns in Wearing of the Grin, or being pestered by Daffy Duck in Boobs in the Woods, Porky Pig is never a pig about getting laughs. There are always plenty to go around, which is just one reason why hes one of the most likable characters in all of cartoondom.

—Leonard Maltin