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Released with little fanfare in 1988, the Cartoon Cavalcade series attempted to pick up where the Golden Jubilee collection had left off. Though much smaller in scope than its predecessor--and with less of a need to put the shorts into any sort of historical context--the series would nevertheless set the standard for future Warner Home Video retail compilations, with tapes typically averaging five to six cartoons each and little chance of featuring anything produced outside of the 1950s.

This guide will detail which cartoons have since been released on the DVD format and where so that collectors know which Cartoon Cavalcade videos they can pack away, store, or dispose of outright.

For the sake of completeness, two non-compilation videos were also released in this series, containing 1970s TV specials produced and directed by Chuck Jones. Bugs and Daffy's Carnival of the Animals (1976) has since been included on the Golden Collection Volume Five, while Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court (1978) can be found on the Golden Collection Volume Six.

77% of the shorts included in the Cartoon Cavalcade series have since been released on DVD

4 cartoons remain not released on DVD

The Breakdown
Bold cartoon titles have not been released on DVD

Bugs Bunny's Hare-Raising Tales
A-Lad-in His Lamp (1948)
Knight-Mare Hare (1955) - Golden Collection Volume Four
The Windblown Hare (1949) - Golden Collection Volume Three
Rabbitson Crusoe (1956)
Rabbit Hood (1949) - Golden Collection Volume Four
A Witch's Tangled Hare (1959) - Platinum Collection Volume One

Daffy Duck's Madcap Mania
The Super Snooper (1952) - Golden Collection Volume Five
Daffy Duck Hunt (1949) - Golden Collection Volume One
You Were Never Duckier (1948) - Golden Collection Volume Five
Golden Yeggs (1950) - Golden Collection Volume One
Dime to Retire (1955)
A Star is Bored (1956) - Golden Collection Volume Five

Porky Pig Tales
The Awful Orphan (1949) - Golden Collection Volume One
The Pest That Came to Dinner (1948) - Porky & Friends: Hilarious Ham
Jumpin' Jupiter (1955) - Golden Collection Volume Six
My Little Duckaroo (1954) - Golden Collection Volume Six
Dog Collared (1950) - Porky & Friends: Hilarious Ham
China Jones (1959)

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